Keezhanelli Herbs: A Siddha Antidote That Cures Fatty Liver And Jaundice

Keezhanelli(Phyllanthus niruri), also known as Chanca Piedra or Stonebreaker, is a tropical plant found in many parts of the world. Keezhanelli can also be called as the 'Air-Cooler of Nature' as it provides coolness to the body. It improves appetite,increases digestion, cures liver related problems and so much more.

This little plant that looks insignificant and common has abundance of benefits and goodness in every layer.


It is a tiny plant. Many baby pods take refuge in that little plant. Keezhanelli is a kind of plant that germinates spontaneously in humid places. The dried seeds explode and grow into many different plants.

"Even a small pepper can set the whole pot on fire",similar to this proverb inspite of being small, Keezhanelli's medicinal benefits are immense. All parts of the plant are used as medicines.

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It is also known by other names like Keezhvainelli and Keezhkainelli. The name 'Keezha Nelli' is derived from the small amount of gooseberry shaped pods that grows below the leaves. 'Senkeelanelli' is the best herb to cure stomach ulcers.

Antidote For Jaundice

It cures jaundice. One of the best treatments for jaundice is proved to be Keezhanelli.

Keezhanelli to get rid of bile diseases
Keezhanelli to get rid of bile diseases

For Bile Diseases

Siddha medicines prepared with the help of cooling herb Keezhanelli are widely used to reduce the severity of bile related diseases. Keezhanelli can be called as the 'Air-Cooler of Nature' as it provides coolness to the body. Keezhanelli is also recommended to remove urinary tract infections due to diuretic activity.

A Unique Taste

We are familiar with the six tastes of our tongue, they are: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy and astringent. Generally, many herbs have one of these tastes. But this plant is special and unique in that aspect as well. Keezhanelli is a herb that has a wonderful combination of four tastes – bitter, pungent, sweet and sour.

Philosophy Of Taste

In Siddha medicine, medicines are selected on the basis of taste. This trick is called the 'philosophy of taste'.

Keezhanelli's possession of four flavours signify their ability to cure different kinds of diseases. The four flavours of Keezhanelli acts as a magical potion that cures different ailments.

Mix cumin seeds with Keezhanelli and mix it in curd and beat it in a mixer to make 'lassi'. Drinking this herbal lassi from time to time will provide a solution to urinary irritation and irritant eyes during summer. These herbal drinks can be prepared with the help of Keezhanelli herbs.

Digestive disorders
Digestive disorders

Keezhanelli For Healthy Appetite

Some people will feel aversion towards food, they will feel disgust at the sight of food.Grind a little gooseberry from the plant, add mustard and pepper and mix it with buttermilk and drink it, to increase your appetite.

Especially, when the digestive system is affected by some disease, we will face loss of appetite. This Keezhanelli cocktail will kick the aversion away and will boost healthy appetite.

Superpowers Of Spinach Salad

'We know lettuce but what is mixed spinach?' Mixed spinach recipes are very popular in our food tradition, especially in South Indian food culture. That is, to cook many medicinal greens together and use them as a medicine or food for health ailments.These days the cooking of mushroom spinach has reduced drastically.

Curing indigestion, constipation, anaemia and skin diseases can be cured by tasting spinach salad cooked with pepper and shallots along with greens like karisalai, keezhanelli, ponnanganni and punarnava.

Other than being a healthy, nutritious and anti oxidant rich component, this spinach salad is also extremely delicious and its unique taste makes you want to eat them again and again.

Green leafy vegetables
Green leafy vegetables

Kezhanelli Oil To Cool You Down

The number of soothing balms used for oil baths in Siddha medicine is very high. Keezhanelli oil can be used as a first aid medicine to control the increased heat in the body.Apply Keezhanalli oil on the head and take bath twice a week, the excess heat accumulated in the body will fly away.

Explain the greatness of Keezhanelli oil to relatives who complain of dizziness, irritation of hands, feet and eyes. Also, tell them the benefits of oil baths. Summer heat can be beat by applying Keezhanelli oil in the head and taking a shower during summer.

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Healing Properties

Keezhanelli has a super power to purify the blood, it is a superhero which protects us from skin diseases.

Its leaves can be ground with salt and applied to rashes and scabies. Keezhanelli juice is also used to apply on cuts and nips on skin. Farmers working in the farming fields, used herbs found in there to treat their minor wounds.

Double Action, Double Power

It is no exaggeration to say that Keezhanelli and Manjal Karisalakanni are twins that fight together to control jaundice. Grind the whole plant and mix it with buttermilk and drink it, you will see a gradual decrease in the increased bile in jaundice.


There are many types of jaundice. Keezhanelli can be taken on the advice of a Siddha doctor who knows the nature, severity and type of disease.

Gets Rid Of Fatty Liver

The liver is the first organ to be affected because of alcoholism. It is advised to eat Keezhanelli to treat fatty liver and liver cirrhosis caused by alcoholism.Their Livers will be rejuvenated.

Today's research suggests that Keezhanelli prevents the waste generated within the body from affecting the liver. Do not forget that Keezhanelli is a herb that strengthens the liver. Research has shown that extracts of keezhanelli control the growth of cancer cells.

Stimulates Digestion And Cures Ulcer

Adding keezhanelli to the diet from time to time will increase the appetite. That is, it increases the secretions of enzymes that helps in digestion. During summers like April and May, mix curry leaves powder and keezhanelli powder in buttermilk and drink it to increase the blood cell count.

Keezhanelli is also used to cure stomach ulcer. There is a custom among the people of certain hilly areas to grind keezhanelli with rice porridge to relieve menstrual pain in women.


Botanical Name: Phyllanthus niruri

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Detection:A small plant that has life expectancy of one year. It is erect and grows aerial. It has small leaves. The leaves are beautifully arranged in alternate whorls. At the base of the leaf start, small pods point downwards, like gooseberry pods. It has cyme type inflorescence. It grows to a height of one to two feet.

Phytochemicals:Phyllanthin, Quercetin, Tannins, Coumarins. Amarin,

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