Dr. Vikatan Says: Ditch Dry Lips! Guide to Choosing the Right Lip Balm - Dermatologist Tips

Sun damage, cold weather and constantly licking your lips are some of the reasons for cracked and chapped lips. To keep your lips plump and moisturised follow these steps suggested by a board certified dermatologist.
  Lip Balm:
Lip Balm:

A concerned reader seeks advice from Doctor Vikatan, stating, "I don't like using lipstick, so I only use lip balm. How do I choose the right lip balm? What things should I consider before choosing a lip balm?"

Chennai-based dermatologist Thillaikkarasi answers. With over two decades of experience in dermatology and cosmetology, Dr. Thillaikkarasi provides valuable information regarding what needs to be considered before choosing a lip balm.

Dermatologist Thillaikarasi
Dermatologist Thillaikarasi

Find the Reason Behind Dryness

"Before we discuss how to choose a lip balm, it is important to understand the reason for using lip balm. It is better to buy and use a lip balm specific to your concern." Some people have dry lips all the time; for them, a moisturizing lip balm is sufficient. Others may have issues with cracked lips. It is essential to determine the underlying cause of dryness.

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Sun Protection for Your Lips

Consult a dermatologist to identify the cause of chapped lips before selecting a suitable lip balm. For some individuals, the natural pink color of the lips may darken, especially for smokers or those with allergies. These individuals should use a lip balm containing both a moisturizer and sun protection, as UV rays can contribute to lip darkening.

Dry Lips (Representational Image)
Dry Lips (Representational Image)Pixabay

Lip Balm for Vanity

"If you consult a dermatologist, your doctor may prescribe a lip balm with the ability to lighten the lips. However, for those who use lip balm solely for vanity or tint, a moisturizing lip balm is sufficient."

Lip Care
Lip Care

"Ensure that the lip balm does not contain any fragrance or ingredients to which you may be allergic." Drinking plenty of water and avoiding excessive picking, biting, or licking of the lips can also help prevent chapping. Follow these steps to keep dry lips at bay.

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