Gray Hair, Wrinkles, Constipation: Can Kadukkai Powder Really Do It All? - Doctor Vikatan Explains

Unlock the secrets of Kadukkai powder! Can this ancient remedy truly prevent constipation, fight aging, and maintain youthfulness? Doctor Vikatan debunks the myths and reveals the science behind its potential benefits. Learn about the right way to use Kadukkai and mustard for optimal health.
Get rid of constipation...
Get rid of constipation...

A concerned reader queries Doctor Vikatan: “I've heard that consuming Kadukkai powder every night can prevent constipation, stave off aging, and maintain youthfulness indefinitely. Is this true? Can anyone consume mustard?”

Other names of Kadukkai podi : It is also known by other names like myrobalan, chebulic myrobalan, Indian gall-nut, ink nut, yellow myrobalan, Kadukkai (Tamil), shilikha (Assamese) hardi (gujarati) katukka (Malayalam), harro (Nepal)

Siddha doctor v. Vikramkumar
Siddha doctor v. Vikramkumar

Vikram Kumar, a Siddha doctor from Tirupattur, provides insight into the matter.

Indeed, the purported benefits of Kadukkai Powder are genuine, owing to its rich antioxidant properties.

Siddha medicine has long utilized it as a healing agent for wounds.

Triphala churanam, comprising Kadukkai, gooseberry, and thandikai, serves as another effective remedy for wounds.

Kadukkai aids in stool softening and waste removal, counteracting the unpleasant astringent taste sometimes encountered in our diet.

chebulic myrobalan
chebulic myrobalan

Furthermore, Kadukkai is believed to combat gray hair, cataracts, and aging. Its antioxidants safeguard melanin pigments, preserving hair color, while also thwarting wrinkles and skin aging.

Consuming Kadukkai from a young age is thought to delay the aging process, with an old individual possibly rejuvenating to a youthful state.

Get rid of constipation...
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However, Kadukkai should be used judiciously as a medicinal supplement, with breaks taken after 48 days of consecutive use.

Continuous consumption is discouraged, and it is not recommended to ingest Kadukkai seeds solely for the purpose of bowel movements.

Nonetheless, elderly individuals can safely consume mustard daily for its potential benefits.

Doctor Profile :

Siddha Doctor Vikram Kumar is a highly esteemed practitioner renowned for his extensive experience in Siddha medicine. As a recipient of the prestigious Vikatan Award, his expertise and contributions to the field have been duly recognized.


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