Instagram Tests New iOS Feature: Watch Reels Without App Installation

Explore the latest innovation from Instagram as they unveil a game-changing feature for iOS users. With the introduction of App Clips, individuals can now effortlessly watch Instagram Reels without the need to install the app. App Clip allows users to watch up to six Reels at a time.

Instagram is reportedly experimenting with a new feature on iOS that allows non-users to watch Reels directly within the app's interface. This feature utilizes App Clips, introduced to iPhone users in 2021 with the iOS 14 update, providing a glimpse of app functionality without the need for full installation.

What Are App Clips?

App Clips are condensed versions of apps that offer specific functionalities without requiring users to download the entire application. They serve as previews, allowing users to access essential features, such as viewing Reels on Instagram, before committing to installing the app.

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Discovering App Clips

App Clips can be triggered through various methods, including NFC tags, QR codes, and shared links. Once activated, users are presented with a streamlined interface showcasing the app's name and an option to open the App Clip, providing a convenient and efficient way to explore app features.


The Instagram Experience

In the case of Instagram, users can now watch Reels seamlessly within the app's native UI, enhancing accessibility and user experience. This integration eliminates the need to switch to a web browser when accessing Reels shared via iMessage, simplifying the viewing process.

Benefits of App Clips

App Clips offer several advantages, including the ability to complete quick tasks without installing the full app. Users can browse through Reels, discover popular content, and share videos with others, all within the familiar Instagram interface.

Encouraging App Engagement

While App Clips provide a taste of app functionality, users may be prompted to download the full app after engaging with a certain number of Reels. This encourages further exploration and fosters long-term app engagement.

Instagram's integration of App Clips for Reels demonstrates a commitment to enhancing user accessibility and convenience. By leveraging this feature, non-users can enjoy the full Reels experience without the need for a dedicated Instagram account, offering a seamless and engaging viewing experience.

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