Tech Detox: Woman Crafts No-Phone-Use Agreement for Family

Woman tackles family smartphone addiction with a quirky agreement: no-phone mornings, dinners, and bathroom breaks. Violators face a month-long ban on online food orders. The humorous strategy gains attention online.
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In a digital age where smartphone addiction is pervasive, Manju Gupta took a unique stand against her family's screen obsession. Crafting a no-phone-use agreement, Gupta aimed to curb excessive smartphone use among her household members.

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Family Pledge for Screen-Free Mornings

The agreement set out three distinct rules, emphasizing a tech-free start to the day. The family committed to worshiping the sun instead of their phones upon waking up each morning, promoting a mindful and screen-free beginning.

Dinner Together, Phones Aside

Recognizing the importance of family dinners, the agreement mandated a phone-free dining experience. During meals, all phones had to be kept 20 steps away from the dining table, encouraging quality time and conversation without the distraction of screens.

Tech-Free Toiletry Time

To discourage time spent on social media during private moments, the family agreed to bring their phones with them to the bathroom. This rule aimed to prevent unnecessary screen time and keep social media scrolling at bay.

Manju Gupta Agreement
Manju Gupta Agreement @clownlamba

Foodie Twist: Online Food Ban

What added a humorous yet practical twist to the agreement was the consequence for rule violations. Gupta cleverly integrated a clause stating that anyone failing to adhere to the rules would face a unique penalty – a month-long ban on ordering food online from popular apps like Swiggy or Zomato. This added element showcased the family's love for food and served as a creative deterrent.

Social Media Buzz

Gupta's niece shared the agreement on social media, and it quickly went viral. The post garnered over 3,68,000 views and more than 4,600 likes, with internet users expressing a mix of amusement and skepticism.

Legal Nuances and Internet Reactions

While many found the agreement amusing, some users raised questions about its legal validity, citing the absence of a date and clarity on authority for implementing punishments. Regardless, the post became a social media sensation, sparking discussions on modern solutions to modern tech-related challenges.

Manju Gupta's approach demonstrated a lighthearted yet impactful way to address smartphone addiction within the family, resonating with internet users facing similar challenges in the digital age.


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