Rahul Gandhi's Yatra Enters Bihar Amidst Nitish Kumar's Political Upheaval

Rahul Gandhi's ambitious Bharat Jodo Yatra reaches Bihar, where the political landscape has done a complete somersault! Just 24 hours ago, Congress were allies with Nitish Kumar, now they're in the opposition. Can Rahul navigate this confusing maze and win over Bihar voters? Will Nitish's latest U-turn backfire?
Rahul Gandhi's Yatra Enters Bihar Amidst Nitish Kumar's Political Upheaval

The political saga in Bihar takes a compelling turn as Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra makes its way into the state, coinciding with the Congress's abrupt transition from a ruling coalition member to the Opposition. The catalyst behind this political upheaval is Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's fifth flip-flop in a decade, showcasing the volatility of alliances in the region.

Initiated in Manipur on January 14, Mr. Gandhi's yatra traversed the Northeast and Bengal, reaching Bihar amidst the political turbulence triggered by Nitish Kumar's surprising alignment with the BJP and Jitan Ram Manjhi's Hindustani Awam Morcha.

Commencing in Sonapur, Bengal, the yatra entered Bihar, making its mark in Kishanganj, a constituency historically aligned with the Congress. However, the landscape evolved as the yatra progressed to Purnea and Katihar, both strongholds of the JDU, the party that has now aligned with the BJP.

This visit marks Rahul Gandhi's first appearance in Bihar since the 2020 Assembly election, where the NDA alliance, under Nitish Kumar's leadership, assumed power. Kumar's decision to exit the NDA in August 2022 led to a reunion with RJD and Congress, only for him to realign with the NDA in a surprising reversal.

Invitations have been extended to alliance partners RJD and CPI(ML)-L for the upcoming Purnea rally, highlighting the intricate dynamics of Bihar's political landscape.

Rahul Gandhi's Yatra Enters Bihar Amidst Nitish Kumar's Political Upheaval
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During the Bihar leg of the yatra, Mr. Gandhi is expected to address the public, strategically targeting Nitish Kumar for his recent political maneuvers. The Congress has strongly criticized Kumar's actions, with party president Mallikarjun Kharge characterizing him as "aaya ram gaya ram" – a term reserved for politicians known for frequent political flips.

In response, the JDU accuses the Congress of attempting to hijack the INDIA platform, with Kumar expressing dissatisfaction over the alliance's progress. Senior JDU leader KC Tyagi attributes the alliance's dissolution to the perceived arrogance of the Congress.

Rahul Gandhi's Yatra Enters Bihar Amidst Nitish Kumar's Political Upheaval
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The yatra is slated to re-enter Bengal before proceeding to Jharkhand, with its grand culmination scheduled for Mumbai in March. As Bihar becomes the epicenter of political maneuvering, Rahul Gandhi's yatra navigates through the complexities of shifting alliances and strategic challenges, providing a vivid portrayal of the dynamic nature of Indian politics.


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