Nitish Kumar Sworn In for Record 9th Term in New Alliance Paradigm

In a political renaissance, Nitish Kumar embraces his 9th term as Bihar's Chief Minister, orchestrating change within a dynamic new alliance."
Nitish Kumar Sworn In for Record 9th Term in New Alliance Paradigm

Nitish Kumar, the seasoned politician and stalwart leader, assumed the mantle of Chief Minister for an unprecedented ninth term in Bihar. This noteworthy event unfolded as a fresh government emerged, marked by a strategic collaboration between Nitish Kumar's Janata Dal United and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). A transformative shift was underway, as ministers from the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) yielded their positions to counterparts from the BJP, ushering in a wave of change at the political forefront.

The swearing-in ceremony, held at the majestic Raj Bhavan, saw not only Nitish Kumar but also key party leaders such as Samrat Chowdhury and Vijay Sinha taking the oath of office. This symbolic transition spoke volumes about the evolving political landscape in Bihar, signaling a departure from the previous alliance and paving the way for a recalibrated governance structure.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, acknowledging this pivotal moment, extended his congratulations to the newly-formed government through a post on social media. His words on X (formerly Twitter) resonated with optimism for the state's development and the realization of its people's aspirations. In a translated excerpt, he lauded Nitish Kumar as Chief Minister and commended Samrat Chaudhary and Vijay Sinha for assuming the roles of Deputy Chief Ministers. The Prime Minister expressed confidence in the team's dedication to serving the citizens of Bihar diligently.

Nitish Kumar Sworn In for Record 9th Term in New Alliance Paradigm
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This marked Nitish Kumar's fifth transition between political alliances in a decade, earning him the moniker "Paltu Kumar." The 72-year-old leader, known for his astute political maneuvers, had previously severed ties with the BJP in 2022. His concerns at that juncture revolved around the fear that the BJP might orchestrate a division within his party, akin to their actions with the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.

However, the recent reunion with the NDA (National Democratic Alliance) was motivated by a sense of disillusionment with the opposition bloc. Nitish Kumar, reflecting on the state of the Grand Alliance formed in August 2022, expressed disappointment in its current state. He lamented the lack of proactive measures and meaningful contributions from the alliance partners, stating, "I have been working hard to make a successful, meaningful alliance, but no one else in the alliance has been doing anything. Gathbandhan main bhi gadbad chal rahan hai (something is wrong in the alliance). People are not happy," during a press interaction.

Nitish Kumar Sworn In for Record 9th Term in New Alliance Paradigm
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Sources close to Nitish Kumar hinted at his discontent stemming from the lack of clarity in the INDIA bloc's (the alliance he had helped shape) preparations for upcoming elections. Moreover, reports suggested that being sidelined as a potential Prime Ministerial candidate within the alliance added to his disenchantment. The delays in initiating seat-sharing talks for the Lok Sabha polls further exacerbated the strained dynamics within the coalition.

In essence, Nitish Kumar's political journey, marked by strategic alliances and occasional realignments, reflects the complex and dynamic nature of Indian politics. His return to the NDA fold underscores the pragmatic considerations that often influence political decisions, as leaders navigate the intricate web of alliances and rivalries in pursuit of governance and public service. Only time will reveal the implications and outcomes of this latest chapter in Nitish Kumar's enduring political saga.


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