Annamalai Meets Nadda in Delhi: BJP Strategizes for Lok Sabha in Tamil Nadu - Here is the full news

Annamalai charts BJP's TN roadmap in Delhi meet! From 21% vote share to grand alliance? Get the inside scoop on Annamalai's discussions with party high command, yatra plans with Modi & Nadda, and key Lok Sabha strategies.
Annamalai goes to Delhi
Annamalai goes to Delhi

Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai has embarked on a crucial journey to Delhi, aiming to strategize with the party's high command in anticipation of the impending Lok Sabha elections. 

My Soil - My People Pilgrimage
My Soil - My People Pilgrimage

Amidst his ongoing 'My Soil, My People' yatra, Annamalai paused briefly after completing the Yatra in Arakkonam before swiftly making his way to the capital. His agenda includes pivotal discussions with top BJP leaders, notably BJP National President JP Nadda, to align their vision for the electoral battleground ahead.

Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai's recent visit to Delhi has stirred anticipation regarding strategic alliances ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. 

Annamalai, who returned to Chennai from his visit, provided insights into the discussions held with the BJP high command and the assignments entrusted to him.

Annamalai in Delhi
Annamalai in Delhi

"Delhi travel is routine," stated Annamalai, emphasizing the BJP's commitment to organizational meetings.

 He highlighted the party's progress in Tamil Nadu over the past six months, expressing confidence in securing 21 percent of the votes and witnessing a surge in support.

 Annamalai also indicated the BJP's readiness to contest the elections independently, stressing the party's growth trajectory.

Furthermore, Annamalai revealed plans for upcoming events, including the BJP National Executive Meeting scheduled from Feb 16 to 18 and the continuation of his 'My Soil My Makkal Yatra,' with JP Nadda and Prime Minister Narendra Modi slated to participate in key constituencies.

Annamalai in Delhi
Annamalai in Delhi

In addition to discussions on party achievements, Annamalai shared insights into strategic alliances. 

He disclosed ongoing talks with parties like PMK and DMDK, signaling the BJP's intent to form alliances in pursuit of electoral success.

Annamalai goes to Delhi
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Delhi also tasked Annamalai with specific assignments. He extended invitations to the Prime Minister and Nadda for the yatra ceremony. Discussions revolved around the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, exploring potential alliances, and identifying constituencies for focused campaigning.

There was also talk of an alliance bringing AIADMK with BJP and discussions on constituencies where the BJP has a strong hold.

It was suggested to focus more on winnable constituencies and field candidates strategically. Annamalai has been assigned to oversee the BJP's efforts to form a grand alliance for the upcoming elections.

Furthermore, they discussed in detail the plan to increase the voting percentage in the southern and northern districts.

It has been suggested that the BJP should focus more on constituencies where it is sure to win and field candidates who have a better chance of winning.

Annamalai has been given the assignment to oversee the BJP's efforts to form a grand alliance in this election.

Annamalai goes to Delhi
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