Mystery Surrounds Poonam Pandey's Death: Bodyguard Expresses Shock, Seeks Answers

Bollywood actress Poonam Pandey's death due to ovarian cancer raises questions. Her bodyguard expresses doubts, stating she seemed healthy during their last meeting. Family silent, reports awaited for clarity. Unravel the mystery surrounding her sudden demise.
Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey

Bollywood star Poonam Pandey, who succumbed to ovarian cancer, faces lingering uncertainties surrounding her death, according to her assistant and bodyguard.

Poonam Pandey
Poonam Pandey

Renowned model and actress Poonam Pandey passed away on Thursday night, reportedly due to ovarian cancer, as confirmed by her manager Nikita Sharma. However, her death is veiled in uncertainty as Poonam Pandey's family has remained silent, with the mobile phones of her family members switched off. Amin Khan, Poonam Pandey's personal security and aide, expressed suspicion about her demise.

Amin Khan stated, "I find it hard to believe that Poonam Pandey is no more. I tried reaching out to her sister without success. I learned about Poonam Pandey's death through the media. As of January 31, I accompanied her for a photoshoot at Phoenix Mall in Mumbai, and she appeared perfectly fine. There was no sign of any physical ailment, and she didn't disclose any sickness to me. I am eagerly waiting to hear from her sister to uncover the truth."

Poonam Pandey
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Poonam Pandey had recently visited Goa and shared photos on her social media, and there were no prior reports of ovarian cancer. The circumstances surrounding her death remain mysterious, and clarity may only emerge after the results of the autopsy are revealed.

Poonam Pandey
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Who is Poonam Pandey?

Poonam Pandey, recognized for her daring photos and videos, marked her film debut with "Nasha" in 2013 and later appeared on Kangana Ranaut's 'Lock Upp' in 2022. Notably, in 2011, she gained attention by pledging to pose nude if India won the ICC Cricket World Cup. However, she didn't fulfill the promise, citing public disapproval and lack of permission from BCCI.

Her most recent social media post, from three days ago, portrays her enjoying a party in Goa.

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Poonam Pandey
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