Complaint Filed Over Rejection of Partner Post Sex Change Surgery

A police complaint has been filed against a man for allegedly rejecting his partner, who underwent a sex change surgery to become a woman for his partner.
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Nishant, a resident of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, has lodged a complaint with the local police, accusing Vaibhav Shukla from Uttar Pradesh for betrayal. The two initially connected through a dating app in 2021, leading to a series of events that have left Nishant devastated.

Nishant and Vaibhav made contact through a dating app, then
the two agreed to meet in person at Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh.

During their conversation, Vaibhav made a shocking confession to Nishant, stating he will marry him if he was a woman and Nishant believed in what he said.

Transformation and Commitment

Nishant, motivated by real love, underwent sex change surgery in 2022, investing huge money in it. Vaibhav, who claimed to be committed to the relationship, even met with Nishant's parents to assure them of their future together.

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Tragically, Vaibhav's commitment proved to be fake. As he rejected Nishant for reasons of being a low caste and inability to bear children. And he cut off the relationship with just one word, sorry.

Nishant expressed his deep hurt, questioning how Vaibhav could overlook his caste background after two years of being together?

Plea for Justice

Feeling betrayed and desperate, Nishant filed a complaint with the Indore police, requesting them to take strict action against Vaibhav. He questioned if a simple apology could heal the damage done to his life, and what if he'd never find another companion.

The police have filed a case and began a search for Vaibhav Shukla in order to hold him accountable for the emotional suffering he caused Nishant.

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