Madurai Police Announce Strict Guidelines for Avaniyapuram Jallikattu Event

Madurai police enforce strict rules for Avaniyapuram Jallikattu. Only authorized tamers, sober and with passes, allowed. Traffic regulations and warnings against rule violations in place.
Madurai Police Announce Strict Guidelines for Avaniyapuram Jallikattu Event

Madurai City Police have issued stringent instructions for the upcoming jallikattu event at Avaniyapuram, scheduled for Monday. Only tamers and bull owners with authorized passes and photo-identity cards will be permitted entry into the arena. Commissioner of Police J. Loganathan emphasized that tamers must carry a physical fitness certificate from a medical officer along with their passes.

To maintain safety standards, individuals found in an inebriated state will be denied access to the jallikattu arena. Bull owners are directed to bring their bulls to Muthupatti junction via Vellaikal Road and Tirupparankundram. They, along with one assistant, will proceed towards the venue through Mullai Nagar and Avaniyapuram police station after midnight on Sunday.

Madurai Police Announce Strict Guidelines for Avaniyapuram Jallikattu Event
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The police have explicitly prohibited bull owners from carrying knives or sharp weapons to cut the nose ropes of the bulls. Trained personnel appointed by the district administration will handle these tasks.

Households along the jallikattu venue have been instructed not to permit outsiders, excluding family members, into their houses or terraces to witness the event. The police issued a stern warning that house owners allowing outsiders may face stringent action in case of any law and order problems arising from their presence.

Strict enforcement of rules and regulations formulated by the district administration is promised, with consequences for bull owners and tamers found in violation.

In anticipation of a large crowd, Madurai City Police have implemented traffic regulations. Vehicles are prohibited from entering Avaniyapuram via Villapuram Arch and must use Avaniyapuram By-pass, Vellaikkal, and Muthupatti to reach Tirupparankundram. Similarly, vehicles cannot proceed from Tirupparankundram to Avaniyapuram and must take the route via Muthupatti, Kalkulam, and Vellaikkal to reach Madurai city.

No vehicles are allowed to enter Avaniyapuram through Marudhupandiayar statue junction, and all vehicles must be parked in designated parking lots. After the event, bulls should be transported in vehicles through Avaniyapuram by-pass Road and Sempoorani Road junction.

This proactive approach by the Madurai City Police aims to ensure the smooth and safe conduct of the traditional jallikattu event, prioritizing the well-being of participants and spectators.


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