Prime Minister Modi Observes Special Fast Ahead of Ram Temple Consecration

Prime Minister Modi observes an 11-day fast, abstaining from grains, ahead of the Ram temple consecration on Jan 22. His diet includes coconut water, fruits, and a simple salad. Despite health concerns, PM Modi remains committed to the spiritual significance of the festival.
PM Modi
PM Modi

In anticipation of the consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya on January 22, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has undertaken a special 11-day fast.

The fast, initiated on January 12, involves abstaining from grains and rice, with the Prime Minister opting for a diet centered around coconut water, fruits like pineapple, guavas, and red bananas.

Amid concerns about the Prime Minister's health due to fasting at the age of 73, he remains steadfast, emphasizing the cultural and spiritual significance of the festival.

Senior BJP leaders revealed that the decision to fast aligns with the advice of spiritual leaders, emphasizing the need for those attending the consecration to maintain a clean body and mind.

PM Modi's daily routine during the fast involves starting the day with coconut water after his yoga sessions, a preference for the tender coconut water available in Ernakulam.

A batch of about 100 tender coconuts was even transported to Delhi during his recent visit to Kerala.

His meals include chopped fruits in the morning, coconut water in the afternoon and evening, and red bananas and guavas at night.

Contrary to his usual preference for mattresses made of coconut fiber, the Prime Minister has refrained from using them during the fast, opting for a carpet used for yoga.

Special coir mattresses have been prepared for him at the Ramakrishna Mutt in Rameswaram, where he is staying.

Doctors periodically check PM Modi's health due to his unique diet during the fasting period.

Despite the absence of a grand feast, PM Modi is expected to break his fast after the Ram temple consecration.

PM Modi
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His stay at Raj Bhavan after inaugurating the Khelo India Games will not involve elaborate vegetarian dishes from star hotels, but a simpler salad dish with jackfruit, watermelon, apple, and guava.

The Prime Minister's commitment to the fast underscores the deep cultural and religious significance attached to the upcoming consecration ceremony of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.


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