Ram Mandir: Khushboo Speaks Out on Cyber Bullying Against K S Chithra

"On the day of the consecration of the Ram temple, we should chant the name of Lord Rama and light the lamp." - Singer Chitra
Chitra as Khushboo
Chitra as Khushboo

In the lead-up to the inauguration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 22, singer Chitra finds herself at the center of a controversy.

Her video message, urging people to collectively chant Lord Rama's name and light lamps during the event, has ignited a storm of mixed reactions on social media.

However, she has found support from the opposition party, including the Congress Kerala Unit, and has also received support from National Commission for Women Member Khushboo.


Freedom of Expression Defended Amid Cyberattacks

Leader of the Opposition Stands by Chitra; Condemns Online Attacks

Leader of the Opposition, V D Satheesan, has come to Chitra's defense, asserting her right to express views freely.

He condemned the cyberattacks targeting Chitra, characterizing such actions as manifestations of fascism.

The incident raises questions about the intersection of freedom of expression, cultural sentiments, and the right to dissent.

Chitra as Khushboo
Cyber Attacks Target Singer KS Chitra Over Ayodhya Ram Temple Comments

BJP Functionary Khushboo Supports Chitra; Criticizes Intolerance

National Commission for Women Member Stands in Solidarity

In a notable show of support, National Commission for Women member and BJP functionary Khushboo expressed solidarity with Chitra's statements.

Criticizing what she perceives as intolerance in states governed by the Communist Party and Congress, Khushboo emphasized the need to respect diverse faiths.

The incident highlights the broader dynamics of religious expression and political narratives in the country.

Chitra as Khushboo
Ram Mandir Inauguration: Unprecedented Spiritual Dissent


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