Pregnant Women Eager for Deliveries on Ayodhya Ram Temple's Inauguration Day

"The idol of Lord Ram will be installed at the Ram temple in Ayodhya at 12.29 pm on the 22nd. People believe that if a baby is born on this auspicious day, it will have a positive impact on the child's life." – Psychologist Divya Gupta
Pregnant women mark the day of childbirth!
Pregnant women mark the day of childbirth!

In the wake of the upcoming inauguration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, a unique trend has emerged, with many pregnant women expressing a fervent wish to give birth on the auspicious day. The ceremony, set to take place on January 22, has sparked enthusiasm among expecting mothers across the region.

Government Hospital Surge:

This heightened interest in delivering on this specific date has caused a surge in demand at Kanpur's government hospital. Traditionally handling around 15 deliveries on a daily basis, the hospital is now grappling with an unprecedented influx. More than 14 women per day are expressing their desire to have their babies born on January 22, aligning with the monumental occasion.

As the number of requests continues to grow, doctors are clarifying the conditions for such scheduled deliveries. Women opting for January 22 deliveries will undergo Caesarean sections, ensuring a controlled and planned birthing process rather than a traditional vaginal delivery.

Pregnant women mark the day of childbirth!
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Long-Awaited Occasion:

Relatives of expecting mothers are vocal about their eagerness, emphasizing the profound significance of witnessing the inauguration of the Ram temple. Many express that this is a moment they have been patiently awaiting for over a century, making it an ideal time to bring a new life into the world.

Belief in Positive Impact:

Psychologists observing this trend note the prevalent belief among families that a child born on this auspicious day will enjoy a life infused with positive energy and blessings. This conviction adds a spiritual dimension to the already joyous occasion.

Pregnant women mark the day of childbirth!
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Ram Temple in Ayodhya
Ram Temple in AyodhyaTwitter

Private Hospitals Join In:

The surge in enthusiasm is not confined to government hospitals alone. Private healthcare facilities are also witnessing a notable increase in bookings for deliveries scheduled on January 22, aligning with the idol installation at the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Timing Coincides with Idol Installation:

Adding to the significance, the idol installation at the Ram temple is slated for 12:29 pm on January 22. This alignment of childbirth with the pivotal moment of idol consecration enhances the anticipation surrounding these deliveries.

Reminder on Health Priority:

While the fervor surrounding these unique deliveries is palpable, healthcare professionals emphasize the paramount importance of prioritizing the health and well-being of both the mother and the newborn during childbirth.

As the region prepares for the grand inauguration of the Ram temple, the convergence of life's beginnings with this historic event adds an extra layer of joy and significance to an already monumental day.

Pregnant women mark the day of childbirth!
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