Ultimate Guide For Thick Brows: Doctor Vikatan's Tips for Thicker, Healthier Eyebrows

Are you feeling less confident because of scanty eyebrows? An experienced aromatherapist shares her unique, all-natural solution that utilises natural oils to keep this problem at bay. Learn how to achieve full, luscious brows that beautifully frames your face.
Scanty eyebrows
Scanty eyebrows

A concerned reader has asked, "When I was young, my eyebrows were thick and darker. Now at 40, my eyebrows are thinning. The eyebrow hairs have started to turn grey. I don't know the reason for this problem... Can it be fixed ?

Chennai-based aromatherapist Geetha Ashok has shared her profound knowledge for this brow problem.

Geetha Ashok
Geetha Ashok

Brows Are Gene Factor

Many people today have this problem of scanty eyebrows. The hair on the head or the eyebrows, it is impossible to make what does not exist grow.  Even the most famous actresses don't have very precise or thick eyebrows that you might see on the girl next door.

So, it is a matter of genes. Therefore, efforts can be made to retain what exists. Dandruff is the main cause for hair loss on the eyebrows.

That is, visible dandruff. Dandruff leads to scanty lashes and eyebrows. Dandruff clogs the hair roots. This will hinder the oxygen needed for the hair. 

Scanty eyebrows
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Dandruff (Representational Image)
Dandruff (Representational Image)

Biggest Mistake That Causes Baldness And Scanty Brows

After bathing the newborn , many uninformed people apply powder all over the baby's face, including the scalp and eyebrows. It also clogs the skin pores. What you are doing for a 5 month old baby can be the main reason behind baldness at the age of 20 and adults also apply loose powder on their face, which clogs the skin pores. When you do this regularly, the blood flow to the hair will also be blocked and it will fall out.

Natural Oils For The Rescue

Some people do makeup to show the eyebrows thicker. That is one way to do it, but you should remove it properly at night and go to sleep. There is a simple treatment for scanty eyebrows.

Buy castor oil, carrot seed oil and vegetable glycerin. Add 300 drops of carrot seed oil to 50 ml castor oil and add 5 ml of glycerin. Mix and keep it for a day.   

castor oil
castor oil

Wipe your eyebrows with a cloth soaked in hot water. Then, put a small comb through the eyebrows and comb it in the opposite direction. Then, dip your finger in the prepared oil mixture and apply it over your brows in the direction of the eyebrows. Leave it on for half an hour.

Dip the tip of the eyebrow pencil in the oil mixture you have prepared, before bed time, brush your eyebrows again in the opposite direction and draw seven to eight times on the eyebrows with an oiled eyebrow pencil and wash it off the next morning.

Eyebrows (representational image)
Eyebrows (representational image)Pixabay

If you do this for a month, your eyebrows will be nourished and the hair will come back to life and start growing darker . If you have dandruff beforehand, do not wait to seek proper treatment.

Scanty eyebrows
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