Combat Screen Fatigue: Ophthalmologist's Guide to Relieving Watery Eyes and Redness

In today's digital age, prolonged screen time has become unavoidable, leading to a host of eye-related issues like irritation, headaches, and redness. But fear not! Dive into expert advice from an experienced eye doctor who offers invaluable tips to safeguard your vision amidst the digital onslaught.

A concerned reader has raised a question, "The screen time is inevitable in this day and age. The constant viewing of blue light and screen time leads to dry eyes. What is a simple solution to this problem?"

Doctor Vijay Shankar is a renowned Ophthalmologist and Eye surgeon in Chennai with over two decades of experience, he has given a golden ratio rule and tips and techniques to not put too much pressure on our precious eyes.

Vijay Shankar
Vijay Shankar

Children who have to attend online classes, IT professionals and those who use computers and laptops all the time are increasingly affected by 'Computer Vision Syndrome' .

Staring at computer and mobile screens for a long period of time can affect the eyes. Many people come with complaints to the ophthalmologist of irritation, redness, watery eyes, headaches and dry eyes etc.

Online class

It is better for students to attend online classes on a computer with a big screen as much as possible. If you don't have a big screen computer, you can use a laptop. Using the small screen for a long time can impair the vision. It can increase the strain on the eyes when they watch mobile for long time. Their eyes will get tired because of stress which leads to a headache. To avoid these problems, there are a few things to keep in mind while using a computer.

Sometimes Blinking Can Solve All Your Problems

The distance between your eyes and your computer screen should be at least 25 inches. The computer screen should be slightly lowered from your eye view point. Normally, we blink our eyes 10 to 15 times per minute, but when we look at the computer screen, we forget it.

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Online Class
Online Class

We don't have put any strain on our eyes while reading books.But it is not the same situation when it comes to computers. Because of the pixels in the computer screens, we put extra strain on our eyes to see them. That is the reason behind eye irritation and dryness of eyes. To avoid this, do not forget to blink frequently.

Sit comfortably while using the computer, maintain a good posture. Make sure that the light does not fall directly on the computer and comes from behind you. When using the computer, do not let the light fall from the sunlight. Because it will increase the brightness of your device and it will further make your eyes tired.


The Ratio Rule For A 20 Vision

You've heard of the 20:20:20 rule, which states that after 20 minutes of using a computer, you should look at scenarios 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

If you notice any problems in your child's eyes while using computers, consult your doctor for vision problems. If you have vision problems, get them treated and tested immediately. Wear glasses if you have hard time reading or seeing without straining your eyes. 

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Doctor Profile:

Dr. Vijay Shankar is a Ophthalmologist/ Eye Surgeon in T Nagar, Chennai and has an experience of 13 years in this field. Dr. Vijay Shankar practices at Apollo Medical Center in T Nagar, Chennai. He completed MBBS from MADRAS in 1993 and MS - Ophthalmology from Kasturba medical college, Mangalore, Manipal University, Karnataka in 1999.

He is a member of Tamilnadu Medical Council. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Mini Scleral Contact Lens,Ophthalmologic examinations and Contact Lens Prescription etc.


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