From 'Bangalore Days' to 'Wonder Women': Anjali Menon's Venture into Tamil Cinema with KRG Studios

Embark on a cinematic journey as acclaimed filmmaker Anjali Menon teams up with KRG Studios to weave captivating tales in Tamil cinema. From the heartwarming nostalgia of 'Bangalore Days' to the empowering narrative of 'Wonder Women,' stay tuned as these visionary filmmakers captivate audiences with their unmatched storytelling prowess.
Director Anjali Menon
Director Anjali Menon
Anjali Menon is a director who has directed only a few films but has garnered pan India attention with her extraordinary storytelling skills

Anjali Menon gained attention from the Malayalam audience with films like 'Manjadikuru'(2008) and 'Koode' (2018)and captivated the audience all over India with the film 'Bangalore Days' (2014).

The film was remade in Tamil as 'Bangalore Naatkal' and was well received. Her directorial venture 'Wonder Women'(2022) got critical acclaim and was called a 'feel good tribute for female solidarity'. It also won many accolades and received appreciation.

Director Anjali Menon
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Bangalore Days
Bangalore Days

A Beautiful Journey Begins

Film production and distribution company KRG studios is teaming with acclaimed filmmaker Anjali Menon on a Tamil-language feature film.Menon made this announcement in her recent interview.

KRG, a primary Kannada language production house is now expanding the horizons across the four southern Indian languages that also include Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. The company established its studio distribution business in 2017 and has distributed more than 100 films in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

Producer and co-founder of KRG, Karthik Gowda, said: “Our collaboration with Anjali Menon signifies a new chapter for KRG, where the essence of storytelling will take the front seat. We believe in the magic of cinema, and this partnership exemplifies our dedication to creating stories that resonate to different audiences and languages.”

World Class Cinema From India

Anjali Menon has expressed, “I am looking forward to the collaboration with KRG Studios as we share the commitment to create interesting movies based on our cultural origin with world class production value. 

Audiences are connecting beyond language boundaries to the diverse story landscapes of India, and we are keen to take them on cinematic journeys that are memorable, entertaining and thought provoking – all at the same time.”  

With KRG Studios' commitment to quality storytelling and cultural authenticity, this collaboration heralds a new era of diverse and compelling cinema for Tamil audiences to cherish. Get ready to be enthralled by the magic of storytelling as two creative powerhouses join forces to craft unforgettable cinematic experiences.

Director Anjali Menon
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