Bramayugam Review: A technically sound film powered by Mammootty's menacing screen presence!

Join us for a deep dive into "Bramayugam," a film that blends folklore, suspense, and philosophical musings. Witness Mammootty's enigmatic performance as he takes you on a journey through a haunted palace in 19th-century Kerala.
Brahmayugam Review | Bramayugam Review
Brahmayugam Review | Bramayugam Review

Set against the backdrop of the 19th century North Malabar region of Kerala, "Bramayugam" dives into a world of intrigue and mystique. Devan (played by Arjun Ashokan), a member of the singers' community, finds himself fleeing into the forest to escape the ravages of war. There, he encounters Kodumon Potti (Mammootty), an elderly man, and his cook (portrayed by Siddharth Bharathan), who have taken refuge in the dilapidated palace of Potti. Director Rahul Sadasivan's film unravels how this once-hallowed sanctuary, replete with supernatural forces and enigmatic secrets, transforms into a haunting prison for its inhabitants.

Brahmayugam Review | Bramayugam Review
Brahmayugam Review | Bramayugam Review

Mammootty's commanding presence permeates every frame of the film. With his trademark voice, infectious laughter, and commanding demeanour, he breathes life into the character of Potti. Even his mere voice and shadow send shivers down the audience's spine, underscoring his undeniable impact.

Arjun Ashokan delivers a compelling portrayal of Devan's journey, seamlessly transitioning from a humble man to a character fraught with fear, anxiety, and excitement.

Siddharth Bharathan, though initially understated, delivers a nuanced performance that shines in the film's pivotal moments.

Meanwhile, Manikandan R. and Amalda Liz make brief yet memorable appearances.

Shahnad Jalal's cinematography serves as the backbone of the film, capturing the haunting beauty of the black-and-white landscape with unparalleled finesse.

Each frame, meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of dread and awe, mirrors the supernatural essence of the story. Christo Xavier's haunting musical score seamlessly integrates with the narrative, with tracks like "Poomani Maalika" adding depth to the storytelling.

The background score, a symphony of folk and Carnatic instruments, heightens the film's atmosphere of mystery and trepidation. Shafiq Muhammad Ali's deft editing ensures a seamless flow of suspense, enhancing both thrilling and reflective moments.

Brahmayugam Review | Bramayugam Review
Brahmayugam Review | Bramayugam Review

Jyotish Shankar's art direction transports viewers to a bygone era, meticulously recreating the decaying grandeur of a Kerala palace without resorting to exaggeration. Jayadevan Chakkadam's sound design, coupled with Ronex Xavier and George Ess's masterful makeup, further immerses the audience in the film's eerie ambience.

"Bramayugam" draws inspiration from the timeless folk tales penned by Kottarathil Sankunni, weaving a narrative that seamlessly blends mythology, philosophy, and folklore.

Writer T.D. Ramakrishnan's ('Francis Itty Cora' fame) poignant dialogues, rich in Sanskrit verses and philosophical musings, lend depth and authenticity to the characters' interactions.

Though the film's first half predominantly explores the palace's supernatural allure and Mammootty's enigmatic presence, it lays a solid foundation for the intricate web of stories that unfold.

Brahmayugam Review | Bramayugam Review
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While "Bramayugam" excels in its atmospheric storytelling and captivating performances, its linear narrative may leave some viewers craving more complexity.

The revelation of key plot twists in the first half diminishes the impact of subsequent revelations, while unresolved elements like the enigmatic 'Yatchi' leave lingering questions unanswered.

Brahmayugam Review | Bramayugam Review
Brahmayugam Review | Bramayugam Review

Director Rahul Sadasivan delves into profound themes of power, greed, and human frailty, delivering a chilling exploration of Kerala's folklore.

With meticulous attention to detail and a haunting atmosphere, "Bramayugam" tantalizes viewers with its evocative storytelling. Yet, a more layered screenplay could have elevated this cinematic journey to even greater heights.

Brahmayugam Review | Bramayugam Review
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