Mid-Air Emergency: Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Door Incident

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX faces mid-air emergency as a cabin exit door blows open shortly after take-off. Passengers capture the alarming incident, prompting a safe return to Portland. Authorities investigate the cause, raising concerns about the safety of the aircraft model.
Mid-Air Emergency: Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Door Incident

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-9 MAX faced a mid-air emergency as one of its doors blew open minutes after take-off. Passengers captured the alarming moment, revealing the complete separation of the mid-cabin exit door.

Airline Statement:

Alaska Airlines released a statement confirming the incident on Flight AS1282 from Portland to Ontario, CA. The aircraft, with 171 guests and 6 crew members, safely returned to Portland International Airport. The airline is actively investigating the event.

Passenger Videos:

Videos taken by passengers showcase the detached mid-cabin exit door, raising concerns about the safety of the flight. The incident occurred soon after departure, prompting an immediate return to the departure airport.

NTSB Investigation:

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has initiated an investigation into the event involving Alaska Airlines Flight 1282. Authorities are working to determine the cause of the door separation and ensure passenger safety.

Aircraft Details:

The involved Boeing 737-9 MAX was delivered to Alaska Airlines on October 1, 2023, and had entered commercial service on November 11, 2023. Despite having only accumulated 145 flights, the aircraft faced a critical door malfunction.

Evacuation Door Activation:

The 737-9 MAX model features a rear cabin exit door activated in dense seating configurations to meet evacuation requirements. However, in Alaska Airlines aircraft, these doors remain permanently "plugged" and are not activated.

Flight Diversion and Altitude:

The aircraft reached a maximum altitude of 16,325 feet before safely diverting back to Portland. Real-time aircraft monitor Flightradar24 provided insights into the flight's altitude and diversion.

As investigations unfold, concerns arise over the safety protocols and potential implications for the Boeing 737-9 MAX model. Passengers and aviation experts await further details on the incident and its repercussions for the airline and aircraft manufacturer.


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