From Exile to Frontrunner: Nawaz Sharif's Quest for Power in Pakistan

Pakistan's veteran leader, Nawaz Sharif, returns to the political arena aiming for a historic fourth term as Prime Minister. Despite facing corruption charges and exile, he remains a strong contender due to his experience and strategic maneuvering.
From Exile to Frontrunner: Nawaz Sharif's Quest for Power in Pakistan

Pakistan's former three-time prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, returned from exile last year, defying odds to become the front-runner in the upcoming 8 February election. Despite facing setbacks like a corruption conviction and a military coup in his political career, Sharif seems poised for yet another successful comeback.

Political Landscape Dominance

Sharif's political dominance over the past three decades has been remarkable. His last term, marred by corruption allegations, ended in 2017. However, the upcoming election positions him as a strong contender, not solely due to his popularity but also due to strategic political maneuvering.

The Comeback King

Sharif has a history of comebacks, with his most significant triumph in the 2013 parliamentary elections, marking the first peaceful transition between democratically elected governments in Pakistan since its independence in 1947.

Turbulence and Triumph

His subsequent term faced challenges, including a six-month opposition blockade and corruption allegations leading to disqualification. Despite setbacks, Sharif emerged as a resilient leader, advocating for economic development and initiating the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

From Exile to Frontrunner: Nawaz Sharif's Quest for Power in Pakistan
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From Power to Exile

The Panama Papers leaks in 2016 intensified corruption claims, culminating in a 2018 conviction and a 10-year prison sentence. Sharif, in absentia, found refuge in the UK until his historic return in October 2023.

Political Wilderness and Return

Sharif's first political exile lasted until 2007, following a deal with the military. He returned to Pakistan, patiently biding his time in opposition, ultimately winning a significant share of parliamentary seats in the 2008 elections.

Current Political Landscape

In 2022, Imran Khan, Sharif's arch-rival previously backed by the military, was ousted in a vote of no-confidence. This paved the way for Sharif's party, led by his younger brother Shehbaz, to take charge.

From Exile to Frontrunner: Nawaz Sharif's Quest for Power in Pakistan
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The Road Ahead

As Sharif aims for a fourth term as Prime Minister, challenges loom, including economic woes and public resentment. His narrative of stability and experience will be crucial in gaining votes, but uncertainty surrounds the working majority he might secure.

Military Dynamics

While Sharif once criticized the military, recent legal relief suggests a potential alignment. Analysts speculate a deal with the military, emphasizing the influence it holds in shaping Pakistan's political landscape.


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