Ethnic Conflict Erupts in Papua New Guinea's Wapenamanda District: 64 Dead, Tensions High

In Papua New Guinea, Highland tribes are in deadly conflicts for ages, and the introduction of automatic weapons and arms has increased the morbidity of war and bloodshed.
Papua New Guinea,Highland Tribes
Papua New Guinea,Highland Tribes

Altercation between the two ethnic groups, the Ambulin and Sikin, has erupted in the Wapenamanda district of Papua New Guinea's Enga province. The conflict has risen to violence and is continuing since yesterday morning.

This region, home to over 300 indigenous tribes speaking 800 languages, has long been plagued by conflicts over territory and resources.

Papua New Guinea Police
Papua New Guinea Police
Papua New Guinea,Highland Tribes
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The hilly terrain exacerbates tensions, as tribes compete for control over land and economic opportunities. The recent clash has resulted in a tragic loss of life, with 64 individuals found dead along roads, riverbanks, and grasslands.

Authorities have swiftly responded, retrieving the bodies and transferring them to local hospitals for treatment and aid, while also launching efforts to locate and provide help for the fleeing residents struck by gunfire.

Where Did They Get The Automated Weapons From?

Activists have condemned the use of high-powered assault rifles like AK47s and M4s in the conflict, highlighting the escalation of violence compared to previous clashes.

Last year, similar tribal skirmishes claimed the lives of at least 60 people according to the ABC reports, underscoring the recurring nature of such violent confrontations.

Tribes of Papua New Guinea
Tribes of Papua New Guinea

Peace Restoration In Need

In response to the crisis, Papua New Guinea's opposition has announced the deployment of approximately 100 soldiers to the affected area. However, challenges persist in quelling the violence and addressing its root causes.

Urgent efforts are needed to investigate the sources of weapons and ammunition that are helping the conflict, while also promoting negotiation and reconciliation among tribal groups.

Amidst the devastation and loss of life, the international community watches closely, urging swift and decisive action to restore peace and stability in Papua New Guinea's troubled regions.

Papua New Guinea,Highland Tribes
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