Cricket's Heart of Gold: Dhoni Refuses Millions, Honors Friends Who Believed in Him

From struggling youngster to World Cup champion, Dhoni's journey is intertwined with batmaker BAS, who supported him since 1999. Dhoni, despite immense success, remembers his roots, honoring those who believed in him. This gesture sparks praise & reflects his character.

Widely recognized as one of cricket's most benevolent figures and India's most accomplished captain, MS Dhoni is also known for his generosity. Under his leadership in 2023, CSK won its fifth IPL trophy. Expected to lead them again in 2024, Dhoni might be bidding farewell to his professional career. His continued success and dedication to his team explain his immense impact on the sport.

Somi Kohli, the owner of BAS, Dhoni's bat manufacturer, spoke touchingly about their relationship. Dhoni refused any payment for displaying BAS stickers on his bat during the 2019 World Cup.

Somi Kohli's character even appeared in Dhoni's biopic, "MS Dhoni: The Untold Story." Paramjit Singh, who played Dhoni's friend, approached Kohli for cricket kits for the young player. Kohli, the first to sponsor Dhoni, recalled in an interview:

"Paramjit Singh had been requesting kits for Dhoni for six months. In February 1998, I provided them for the first time. We've been traveling together for 22 years. I met him in Chandigarh in 2004, and a few months later, he visited our Jalandhar factory. I introduced him to my wife, Manju. 'Who is he?' she asked. The next day, I met Dhoni again. My wife asked who he was, and he said he couldn't sleep that night. This was before the Pakistan series, where he performed well, scoring 148 runs. One night at 11 pm, Dhoni called us, asking me to put my wife on the phone. He said, 'Aunty... I am Dhoni!' My wife replied, 'Now the world knows your name!'"

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In a recent YouTube interview, Kohli shared another instance: "Dhoni called me before the 2019 World Cup. He requested our company's stickers for his bat, refusing any contracts or money. He even mentioned potential conflicts with existing lucrative contracts. I declined, but Dhoni replied, 'You helped me when I knew nothing. Now I have to do something for you.' Dhoni truly has a big heart!"


The relationship between Dhoni and BAS began nearly 25 years ago in 1999 when the company provided kits to the young player, recognizing his potential. Kohli believed in Dhoni, despite the distance.

Dhoni, never forgetting his roots, shows immense gratitude, deeply appreciated by the BAS founder. Recently, a video of Dhoni practicing with a sticker bearing his friend Paramjit Singh's company name ("Prime Sports Sticker") went viral. Even Adam Gilchrist praised Dhoni's gesture during commentary for the Australia-West Indies match. Paramjit Singh was also touched by this act. As Dhoni nears the end of his career, seeking out those who supported him has delighted fans worldwide.

The former Indian captain's refusal of monetary benefits reflects his genuine kindness and deep appreciation for those who stood by him.

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