"Two Lok Sabha, One Rajya Sabha; We Are Expecting DMK To Give..." MDMK Durai Vaiko Hopes

Can DMK meet with the expectations of coalition party's demands for seats? General Secretary of MDMK Durai Vaiko has expressed his opinions about the Tamil Nadu budget and his dissatisfaction with the central government's neglectful treatment to the south. From concerns over GST impact to bold assertions against EVM tampering.
Durai Vaiko
Durai Vaiko

MDMK Principal Secretary Durai Vaiko presided over the party's Parliamentary Election Fundraising Meeting in Madurai. MDMK election officials from Madurai, Theni, Dindigul, Ramanathapuram and Sivagangai districts donated the election funds.

Tamil Nadu Budget Analysis

While addressing the reporters after the meeting, Durai Vaiko said, "The budget of the Tamil Nadu government was highly satisfying. Tamil Nadu is incurring an annual loss of Rs 20,000 crore due to GST . The central government has not given the due funds to Tamil Nadu, the Tamil Nadu budget has been focusing on social justice and equality. Despite the biased behaviour of the Union government, a good budget has been presented in Tamil Nadu.

Durai Vaiko
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The first round of seat-sharing negotiation with DMK went smoothly, we expect DMK to give us the seats we have asked for, we have asked for 2 Lok Sabha and 1 Rajya Sabha seat.

"We will field the candidates on the basis of the constituencies allowed by the DMK, Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not allocate funds from the central government, it has been five years since the foundation stone of AIIMS in Madurai was laid.

They said if Modi becomes the Prime Minister, cost of living will go down. But the BJP did not make any improvement in that, Modi wants to win the parliamentary elections by focusing on the opening of the Ram temple, the people will definitely defeat Modi's intention, the BJP wants to win the parliamentary elections by tampering with the Electronic Voting Machines, I do not know on what basis the BJP is confidently saying that it will win 400 seats.


MDMK Stands Firm Against EVMs

Personally, I am not interested in electoral politics, I will contest in elections if the party decides on the number of seats to be allotted to MDMK, I am new to direct politics, even developed countries do not use electronic voting machines.

Durai Vaiko with Vaiko
Durai Vaiko with VaikoD. Dixit

We fully support the VCK leader Thirumavalavan's agitation to bring back the ballot paper system to save democracy and to implement the ballot paper system," he concluded.

Durai Vaiko
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