Tamil Nadu Targets Industrial Growth, M K Stalin on Modi Speech & Actor Vijay's Party Plans

Tamil Nadu Secures Rs. 3,440 Crore Investments as Stalin Returns; Chief Minister Comments on Modi's Speech, Extends Support to Actor Vijay's Political Journey.
Chief Minister Stalin
Chief Minister Stalin

Tamil nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin returned to Chennai here on Wednesday  after a successful trip to Spain aimed at attracting investments to the state. 

During a press briefing at the airport, he highlighted the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) worth Rs. 3,440 crore and emphasized Tamil Nadu's emerging role as a manufacturing leader.

"While in Spain, I engaged with officials from the Ministry of Economy and Trade, as well as representatives of the Confederation of Industry and Invest Spain. I urged them to invest in Tamil Nadu," Stalin stated. 

Chief Minister Stalin
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Chief Minister Stalin
Chief Minister Stalin

"I also met with executives from prominent global companies, including Occiana, Roca, Hipak Lloyd, Talco, Edifon, and Maptree."

He continued, "Tamil Nadu's progress as a manufacturing hub has been recognized by the New York Journal, positioning the state as a leader in the sector. Their commendation motivates us to strive for further growth. This trip has been instrumental in elevating Tamil Nadu's stature as a top industrial state, and we plan to organize similar visits in the future, especially with parliamentary elections approaching."

VijayCover photo: Kiran Shah

In response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent address in Parliament, Stalin remarked, "I watched his speech, and it was rather intriguing. Since coming into power, he has consistently targeted the Congress as if they were the opposition and the Congress was in power. It's quite puzzling. Even if he claims we'll secure 543 seats instead of 400, it wouldn't be surprising."

Regarding actor Vijay's reported intention to launch a political party, Stalin expressed his support, saying, "I welcome anyone willing to serve the people. In our democracy, everyone has the right to initiate a political movement. Let us extend our congratulations to actor Vijay for embarking on this journey. May his endeavors for the welfare of the people prosper."

This statement echoes sentiments previously expressed by Udhayanidhi Stalin, who emphasized the democratic right of individuals to initiate political movements in India.

(This copy was originally written in Tamil and appeared in Vikatan.com.)


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