Madras HC Denies Bail For Senthil Balaji For 2nd Time|Continuous Check By Justice Anand Venkatesh

Under the Prevention Of Money Laundering Act, Former Minister Senthil Balaji was arrested by the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) last June. His plea to bail has been denied second time in a row by the Madras High Court.
Senthil Balaji and Justice Anand Venkatesh
Senthil Balaji and Justice Anand Venkatesh


  • Senthil Balaji continued as the minister without portfolio inspite of being accused and imprisoned by ED last June 14.

  • He has been continuously appealing the court for bail citing health reasons.

  • He has been accused of money laundering and cash-for-jobs scam case.

  • Justice Anand Venkatesh has denied the bail plea saying the health conditions are normal

  • But has instructed the special court to resolve the Prevention Of Money Laundering Case within three months.

Former Minister Senthil Balaji, who was arrested on June 14 last year in connection with a case filed by the Directorate of Enforcement for alleged violation of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, appealed for bail for the second time in front of Justice N. Anand Venkatesh of the Madras High Court, Chennai, after hearing a petition challenging the charge.

Justice Ali and former minister Senthil Balaji
Justice Ali and former minister Senthil Balaji

Date Of Bail Adjourned

During the hearings held on February 14, 15, and 21, Aryama Sundaram, the senior counsel for Senthil Balaji, and A.R. Sundaresan, the additional solicitor general for the Central Government, spoke on behalf of him.

Sundaram argued that in the present case, the accused has gone a step further and put a dent on the only material relied upon by the prosecution and has thus questioned the probative value of the evidence.

Both advocates finished putting forward their arguments on February 21, but the date of the conclusion of the proceedings and date for the judgment on the bail plea was adjourned.

Senthil Balaji and Justice Anand Venkatesh
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In this situation, Justice N. Anand Venkatesh, who delivered the judgment today on Senthil Balaji's bail plea, stated that there is no jurisdiction for Senthil Balaji regarding the bail plea, and therefore dismissed the plea.

Senthil Balaji
Senthil Balaji

Given that the petitioner has been incarcerated for over eight months, it is deemed more appropriate to instruct the Special Court to resolve the case of Prevention of Money Laundering Act of 2023 within a specified timeframe.

Consequently, the Principal Special Court in Chennai is directed to conclude the case within three months of receiving a copy of this order. The trial should proceed on a daily basis, adhering to the guidelines established by the Supreme Court in the case of Vinod Kumar Vs State of Punjab.

Senthil Balaji and Justice Anand Venkatesh
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