Kumari Aunty: CM Revanth Reddy Comes To Rescue When The Police Asked To Shut Down a Eatery

Food stall in Hyderabad faced trouble due to traffic. Presenting a rich variety of Indian serves as a captivating hub for both local residents and IT professionals. This chaos created trouble for her business, CM came to rescue.
Revanth Reddy as Sai Kumari
Revanth Reddy as Sai Kumari

Located in the busy road near ITC Kohanur Junction in Hyderabad's renowned Madhapur area, Kumari Aunty food shop stands as a culinary haven. This locality, adorned with expansive stress stall hosting both local and international brands, a diverse food court, and restaurants offering a myriad of Indian and international cuisines, is a magnet for locals and IT professionals alike.

Chief Minister's Swift Intervention 

A day after the Royuram traffic police ordered the closure and relocation of the popular roadside eatery, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy swiftly intervened. The eatery, fondly known as 'Kumari Aunty Store,' had become a focal point of the culinary scene in Hyderabad.

Culinary Sensation: Kumari Aunty Store's Rise to Fame

Kumari Aunty Store, renowned for its diverse menu featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights, attracted a steady stream of young people. Its popularity soared as YouTube channels flocked to capture the essence of the shop and its owner, Sai Kumari. The resulting videos made 'Kumari Aunty' a social media sensation, drawing throngs of eager visitors.

Kumari Aunty Food Owner Sai Kumari
Kumari Aunty Food Owner Sai Kumari
Revanth Reddy as Sai Kumari
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Traffic Woes and Closure Order

The success of Kumari Aunty Store, however, drew attention from the Royuram traffic police, who, on Tuesday (January 30), ordered the closure and relocation of the shop. The reason cited was traffic congestion caused by the influx of patrons.

Sai Kumari's Response and Public Support

In response, Sai Kumari, the resilient owner of the stall, expressed her dismay, highlighting her 13 years of dedicated service to IT employees and daily wage laborers. Despite her assurance to customers not to park vehicles haphazardly, the order stood. Yet, social media erupted in support for Kumari Aunty, portraying her as a symbol of Hyderabad's vibrant street food culture.

Chief Minister's Direct Intervention

Just as the closure order stirred public sentiment, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy stepped in to address the situation. Directly intervening, he directed the Director General of Police (DGP) and the Urban Development Ministry to rescind the decision of the Royuram traffic police.

This decisive move highlights the significance of Kumari Aunty Store in the local culinary landscape and the resilience of street vendors in the face of bureaucratic challenges.

Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy
Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy
Revanth Reddy as Sai Kumari
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