Brother of Karnataka Deputy CM Fuels Tensions: Separate Country Talk Amid Funds Row

Southern states claim they're getting a raw deal in the latest budget, leading to accusations of regional discrimination and even calls for a separate nation. Unpack the arguments, political responses, and broader questions about resource distribution and national unity.
 MP T.K. Suresh
MP T.K. Suresh

Less Funds for Southern States - DK Shivakumar's Brother Sparks Controversy with 'Separate Country' Remark

Congress MP T K Suresh has stirred controversy by suggesting that if the southern states continue to face discrimination in fund allocation, there might be a demand for a separate state in South India.

During the presentation of the Union Budget 2019 in the Lok Sabha, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman sparked a reaction from Congress MP DK Suresh, who expressed his concerns about the interim budget's impact on the southern states.

DK Suresh as DK Shivakumar
DK Suresh as DK Shivakumar

"The central government is neglecting the southern states, leading to persistent injustice. If this situation persists, we might be compelled to demand a separate state," warned Suresh.

 MP T.K. Suresh
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DK Suresh's statement has ignited controversy, with his brother and Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister, DK Shivakumar, providing clarification. Shivakumar stated, "DK Suresh has expressed the pain felt by South India. We cannot prioritize only Hindi-speaking states. The budget's fund distribution is uneven, with no major projects announced for South India. Although we feel left behind, we are all Indians, and there is no question of regional demands."


Southern states, including Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, contribute significant tax revenue to the central government. However, accusations persist that the central government fails to allocate sufficient funds back to these states. 

Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Thangam Thennarasu and Youth and Sports Minister Udhayanidhi recently claimed that for every rupee Tamil Nadu contributes, only 29 paise returns.


Congress MP T K Suresh argued that Karnataka faces a similar fund shortage from the Centre, asserting that injustice is being done to South India. 

He pointed out that funds meant for the southern states are being redirected to the northern states, prompting the suggestion that if this trend continues, a separate state may become an unavoidable demand.

In response to DK Suresh's remarks, BJP MP Tejasvi Surya criticized the Congress for a history of "divide-and-rule" tactics. 

"Congress president Rahul Gandhi is going on a 'Bharat Ekta Walk'. On the other hand, a Congress MP who is here is talking about the division of the country. People of Karnataka will never allow this. We will give them a befitting reply in the coming Lok Sabha elections," Tejasvi Surya said.

Tejasvi Surya with Annamalai
Tejasvi Surya with AnnamalaiTwitter

He emphasized that statistics indicate increased funds for Karnataka under the NDA government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

 MP T.K. Suresh
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Rahul Gandhi
Rahul GandhiTwitter

Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge, while condemning any talk of dividing the country, emphasized unity from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, stating that they are all one.

Other Congress leaders, while asserting the southern states' inadequate share of central tax revenues, disagree with DK Suresh's notion of advocating for a separate country. They view Suresh's comment as an expression of his dissatisfaction, urging the central government to understand the sentiments of the southern states and allocate funds appropriately.


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