Mother Kills 10-Year-Old After He Sees Her Lesbian affairs

A 10-year-old boy loses his life due to his mother and her homosexual partner's desperate attempt to hide their relationship.

In West Bengal, Hooghly, a 10-year-old son's hands were chopped off and killed by his mother after discovering that his mother was having a homosexual relationship. 

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It is said that Shanta Sharma had been in a homosexual relationship with Ishrat Parveen even before her marriage.

Shockingly, Shanta's husband was aware of his wife's affair but chose to remain silent, considering it a shame to be exposed. This silence became a crucial element leading to the tragic incident.

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Details of the Crime

The 10-year-old son accidentally saw his mother having a secret homosexual relationship with another woman, Ishrat Parveen.

Fearing exposure and the potential societal consequences, Shanta Sharma, with the assistance of her partner, resorted to extreme measures to silence the young boy.

According to police reports, the accused allegedly hit the boy's head multiple times and brutally chopped off his hands.

The brutality of the act highlights their desperate attempt to keep their secret, believing the child posed a threat to their secret relationship.


Investigation and Confirmation

Initially, there was confusion surrounding the murder, but a careful investigation involving CCTV camera footage, cell phone tower records, and forensic evidence led to the confirmation of the crime.

Shanta Sharma and Ishrat Parveen have been found guilty by the police in connection with this tragic incident.

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