Saidai Duraisamy son : Body of Vetri Duraisamy Recovered After 8-Day Search

Tragedy strikes as Vetri Duraisamy, son of former Chennai Mayor Saidai Duraisamy, is found deceased after an accident in Himachal Pradesh. Eight days of search culminate in a heartbreaking discovery.
Vetri Duraisamy
Vetri Duraisamy

The body of Vetri Duraisamy, the only son of former Chennai Mayor Saidai Duraisamy, has been found under a rock in the Sutlej river after eight days of intensive search.

In a devastating turn of events, Vetri Duraisamy, the only son of former Chennai Mayor Saidai Duraisamy, met an untimely end following a tragic car accident during a trip to Himachal Pradesh.

Vetri, known for his association with his father's Humanities Free IAS Training Centre and his budding career in the Tamil film industry, was on a location scouting expedition with his friend Gopinath and driver Dhanjing when disaster struck.

Vetri Duraisamy
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Vetri Duraisamy's car
Vetri Duraisamy's car

The trio's journey took a horrifying turn as their vehicle was struck by a rock while traversing the treacherous Kasang Nala route.

The impact caused their car to careen off the road and plunge into a nearby gorge, ultimately submerging in the waters of the Sutlej river.

Despite prompt rescue efforts, only the body of the driver, Tanjing, was recovered from the wreckage.

Vetri's fate remained unknown, plunging his family and friends into a state of anguish and uncertainty.

Director Vetri Duraisamy
Director Vetri Duraisamy

As news of the accident spread, Saidai Duraisamy, Vetri's father, issued a heartfelt plea, offering a reward of Rs 1 crore to anyone with information on his son's whereabouts.

The search operation intensified, mobilizing resources from local authorities, the army, and the air force.

Scuba diving teams combed the depths of the Sutlej river, while rescue officials meticulously scoured the surrounding terrain for any sign of Vetri.

Days turned into an agonizing wait as hope dwindled with each passing moment. However, a breakthrough finally came when blood-stained human brain tissue was discovered on the banks of the river, raising the grim possibility of Vetri's demise.

Subsequent DNA testing confirmed the worst fears – the recovered tissue belonged to Vetri Duraisamy.

Vetri Duraisamy
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Former AIADMK Mayor Saidai Duraisamy
Former AIADMK Mayor Saidai Duraisamy

The devastating news sent shockwaves through the political and film fraternity, with leaders expressing their deepest condolences to the grieving Duraisamy family.

Saidai Duraisamy, known for his prominent role in Tamil Nadu politics, was left to grapple with the loss of his beloved son, whose potential in the film industry had only just begun to blossom.

Who was vetri Duraisamy?

Vetri Duraisamy's foray into filmmaking marked a significant chapter in his life, transitioning from his involvement in his father's esteemed IAS training centre to pursuing his passion for cinema. His directorial debut in 2021 with "Endravathu Oru Naal" showcased his talent and ambition, earning him recognition within the industry.

As the Duraisamy family prepares to bid a final farewell to their beloved son and the film fraternity mourns the loss of a promising talent, Vetri's legacy serves as a poignant reminder of life's fragility. Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding his passing, his contributions to both politics and cinema leave an indelible mark on Tamil Nadu's cultural landscape.

In the wake of this heartbreaking loss, the memory of Vetri Duraisamy lives on, cherished by those who knew him and revered by an industry that mourns the loss of one of its brightest stars.


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