Pink City Welcomes Macron: Amer Fort Tour & Roadshow with PM Modi

India and France mark the 75th Republic Day with a historic summit, unveiling pivotal Defence Industrial Roadmap and Space Cooperation agreements. Strengthening ties, the nations navigate towards collaborative defence initiatives, heralding a new era in diplomatic relations
Pink City Welcomes Macron: Amer Fort Tour & Roadshow with PM Modi

The 75th Republic Day in India will witness French President Emmanuel Macron as the Chief Guest, arriving in Jaipur with a 44-member delegation. The visit holds significant diplomatic importance as India and France are set to announce a groundbreaking Defence Industrial Roadmap and a key agreement on Defence Space Cooperation.

Pink City Welcomes Macron: Amer Fort Tour & Roadshow with PM Modi
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President Macron, accompanied by high-ranking ministers, is scheduled to land in Jaipur at 1:30 pm. A visit to the historic Amer Fort and a joint road show with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, traversing through iconic landmarks like Hawa Mahal and the Old City, are on the agenda. Later in the day, PM Modi, alongside External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, will host bilateral talks and a dinner for President Macron at the renowned Rambagh Palace, followed by their departure to Delhi.

The discussions between the two leaders are expected to cover a broad spectrum, including regional security, the situations in Ukraine and Gaza, concerns about religious radicalization, terrorism, and the evolving dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region. France is positioning India as a key reference point in its Indo-Pacific approach, aligning policies with India and considering the growing influence of the Chinese Navy.

Pink City Welcomes Macron: Amer Fort Tour & Roadshow with PM Modi
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Amid the visit, India and France will unveil a Defence Industrial Roadmap, aligning with PM Modi's "Atmannirbhar Bharat" initiative. This collaboration involves French companies and supply chains partnering with Indian counterparts for the design, manufacturing, and certification of defence platforms in India, fostering job creation. A letter of intent on Defence Space Cooperation is anticipated, addressing challenges in space from emerging powers in Asia, complementing the robust civilian space cooperation between the two nations.

While India has initiated the acquisition of 26 Rafale-Maritime multi-role fighters and plans for three advanced diesel-electric submarines, discussions also involve potential construction of nuclear attack submarines in India with French support. Additionally, plans are underway for joint projects in naval surface combatants and submarines for export, reflecting the extensive and future-oriented defence cooperation between India and France.


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