IndiGo's Flight Ordeal: Mumbai-Guwahati Journey Takes Unexpected Turn

Delayed Departure and Unforeseen Diversion: Passengers Endure 12-Hour Ordeal
IndiGo's Flight Ordeal: Mumbai-Guwahati Journey Takes Unexpected Turn

In an unexpected turn of events, what was supposed to be a routine IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Guwahati turned into a 12-hour ordeal for passengers. The flight, initially delayed by three hours, finally took off from Mumbai around 11:20 pm on Friday night, instead of the scheduled 8:20 pm departure.

IndiGo's Flight Ordeal: Mumbai-Guwahati Journey Takes Unexpected Turn
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Diversion to Dhaka: Frustration Mounts Among Passengers

Dense fog at the Guwahati airport forced the plane to divert to Dhaka. The diversion led to significant frustration among passengers, including former Mumbai Youth Congress chief Suraj Singh Thakur. Thakur humorously remarked on social media, expressing contentment at landing in Guwahati after a 12-hour flight, adding a sarcastic "Mera Desh Mahaan" (My Country is Great) directed at IndiGo.

IndiGo's Flight Ordeal: Mumbai-Guwahati Journey Takes Unexpected Turn
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Passenger Discontent: Long Wait, Lack of Information

Despite IndiGo's statements citing bad weather and efforts to keep passengers informed, discontent spread among travelers. Thakur claimed passengers were inside the aircraft for nine hours, even landing in Bangladesh without passports. Another passenger expressed frustration over a wait of over four hours for a new crew to continue the journey to Guwahati.

Airline Apologies and Assurance: Plans for a New Crew

IndiGo issued a statement apologizing for the inconvenience caused and assured passengers that arrangements were being made for a new crew to operate the flight from Dhaka to Guwahati. The incident highlighted challenges airlines face when adverse weather conditions disrupt scheduled operations, prompting discussions on the need for better contingency plans and communication during such events.

Delayed Arrival and Prolonged Wait

The flight, originally scheduled to arrive in Guwahati at 11:10 pm, faced delays and an unexpected diversion. The incident brought attention to the challenges passengers encounter during unforeseen circumstances and the importance of efficient communication and contingency plans in the aviation sector.


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