Fatal Confession: Suchana Seth's Tragic Decision - A Son's Resemblance to an Estranged Love

Suchana Seth, a Bengaluru CEO, stuns with a tragic crime, confessing, 'His face reminds me of my husband.' This heart-wrenching act unveils a chilling tale of despair and a son's resemblance leading to an unimaginable tragedy
Woman CEO Susana arrested
Woman CEO Susana arrested

In a horrifying incident, Bengaluru-based CEO Suchana Seth was apprehended in Goa while in the act of murdering her 4-year-old son. The taxi driver and hotel staff played crucial roles in assisting the police in capturing her.

Motive: Custody Battle and Fears

Susana Seth, already distressed over court-allowed visitations by her estranged husband, had custody of her son. Concerned about a potential court order favoring the father, her fears and emotional turmoil allegedly drove her to commit this unthinkable act.

Chilling Confession in Handwritten Note

During forensic examination, a tissue paper with Susana's handwritten note was discovered in the Goa apartment where the crime occurred. The five lines expressed her state of mind during the tragic incident. The letter, sent for testing, hints at Susana's inability to accept her son interacting with her husband.

Woman CEO Susana arrested
From Boardroom to Crime Scene: How CEO's Murder Arrest Unfolded

Possible Overdose and Planning

Empty cough syrup bottles found at the scene suggest a possible overdose. The police are investigating whether Susana planned her son's murder, raising questions about the motive and premeditation.

Woman CEO Susana arrested
Bengaluru AI Startup CEO Arrested for Alleged Murder of Four-Year-Old Son in Goa

Desperate Plea to Husband: False Hope or Hidden Agenda?

In a seemingly deceptive move, Susana sent a message to her estranged husband, Venkatraman PR, inviting him to meet their son in Bengaluru on January 7. However, her booking in Goa extended until January 10, casting doubt on her true intentions.

Heartbreaking Deception

Venkatraman PR, eager to meet his son, waited for hours at the specified location but received no response from Susana. Subsequently, he left for Jakarta for work, unaware of the tragedy unfolding in Goa.

This heart-wrenching incident raises questions about the depths of despair and the complexities surrounding family dynamics.

Woman CEO Susana arrested
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