Elon Musk Advocates for UN Reform and India's Inclusive Role

Elon Musk calls for UN reform, deems India's absence from permanent UNSC membership absurd. Advocates for inclusivity and global governance updates.
Elon Musk Advocates for UN Reform and India's Inclusive Role

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and proprietor of Twitter, has once again thrust himself into the realm of geopolitics, this time urging a critical revision of United Nations (UN) bodies. Musk decried the antiquated structure that has left India, despite being the world's most populous country, without a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. In his candid assessment, he pointed out the reluctance of countries with excessive power to relinquish it and underscored the absurdity of India's exclusion from a permanent seat.

The visionary entrepreneur's call for a reevaluation of UN structures comes at a time when global leaders are increasingly recognizing the imperative for reforms. Musk argued that India's omission from the Security Council's permanent membership is incongruous given its population size and growing global significance. He also advocated for Africa to collectively secure a permanent seat, aligning with a broader perspective that calls for fair representation.

This critique resonates with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres's impassioned plea for the organization to evolve in tandem with the contemporary world. Guterres highlighted the glaring absence of a single permanent member from Africa in the Security Council, emphasizing the need for institutions that reflect today's global realities rather than those of 80 years ago.

India, a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for eight terms, has been actively advocating for reforms. The country is part of the G4, a coalition of nations supporting each other in seeking permanent membership in the UNSC and pushing for comprehensive reforms within the UN framework.

The discourse on UN reform gained momentum when External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar emphasized the global backing for India's permanent seat at the UNSC. Jaishankar acknowledged that global recognition often requires assertiveness, stating, "The world does not give things easily and generously; sometimes you have to take them."

Elon Musk Advocates for UN Reform and India's Inclusive Role
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In September 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the discrepancy between the UN's founding era and the current global landscape. Modi emphasized the urgent need for restructuring the UN to accommodate the evolving dynamics of international relations.

Elon Musk Advocates for UN Reform and India's Inclusive Role
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Elon Musk's intervention brings a high-profile voice to the ongoing conversation about reshaping global governance and ensuring equitable representation, providing fresh momentum to the call for a reformed and more inclusive United Nations.


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