Buddha Boy : Controversial Spiritual Leader Arrested Amid Allegations of Assault and Rape

Nepal's Ram Bahadur Bomjan, famed for meditation feats, faces rape charges. Arrested in Kathmandu after years on the run with substantial cash seized. Controversial legacy unfolds with ongoing investigations into assault allegations and missing devotees.
Buddha Boy - Ram Bahadur Bomjan
Buddha Boy - Ram Bahadur Bomjan

Controversial "Buddha Boy" Arrested: Nepal's Ram Bahadur Bomjan, revered for meditation feats, faces rape allegations. Arrested in Kathmandu after years on the run, and substantial cash seized. Ongoing investigations into assault accusations and missing devotees. Spiritual legacy tarnished.

Nepal police have taken into custody Ram Bahadur Bomjan, widely known as "Buddha Boy," on charges related to disappearances and rape within his ashrams.

Buddha Boy - Ram Bahadur Bomjan
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Allegations and Past Accusations

The 33-year-old spiritual guru gained notoriety in his teenage years for his followers' claims that he could meditate without movement for extended periods, but accusations of physical and sexual assault have long surrounded him.

Arrest After Years on the Run

Facing multiple accusations, Bomjan had eluded authorities for several years. However, the law caught up with him as he was apprehended in Kathmandu based on a warrant for alleged rape at an ashram in Sarlahi.

Buddha Boy - Ram Bahadur Bomjan
Buddha Boy - Ram Bahadur Bomjan

Large Sums of Cash Seized

During the arrest, police discovered substantial amounts of cash—30 million Nepali rupees ($225,000) and $22,500 in foreign currency—in Bomjan's possession.

Buddha Boy - Ram Bahadur Bomjan
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Ongoing Investigations and Missing Devotees

Accusations of abuse and misconduct against Bomjan date back over a decade. Investigations are ongoing, including one related to the disappearance of four devotees from his ashram, with their whereabouts still unknown.

Spiritual Leader's Rise and Fall

Once revered for reputed miracles and meditation prowess, Bomjan's legacy now faces a tarnished reputation due to the serious allegations and charges against him.

From Spiritual Phenomenon to Legal Controversy

The guru's journey, marked by a mystical disappearance at the age of 16 and subsequent worship by tens of thousands, has taken a dark turn as legal troubles overshadow his once-celebrated spiritual practices.


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