Tragic Superstition: Iron Rod Therapy Claims Infant's Life

Infant Ahaana tragically succumbs to pneumonia after parents' misguided attempt using a heated iron rod. Urgent calls to curb dangerous superstitions among Baiga adivasis as four children lost in two months. Health officials must intervene promptly.
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Deepu, a resident of Manpur block in Umaria district, Madhya Pradesh, belongs to the Baiga tribe. His wife, Azmiya Baiga, and their three-month-old baby girl, Ahaana, faced a challenging ordeal when the infant suffered from pneumonia. 

Drastic Measures: Iron Rod Treatment

In an attempt to cure Ahaana, the desperate parents resorted to a misguided procedure—immersing an iron rod in extreme heat and applying it to the baby's body.

Unfortunate Outcome: From Bad to Worse

Contrary to their hopes, the infant's condition deteriorated. On Friday, Ahaana was rushed to Shahdol district hospital, about 30 kilometers away, as her health worsened due to the ill-advised treatment. Tragically, on Tuesday, without proper medical intervention, the child succumbed to the repercussions of the parents' actions.

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Official Response: Blaming Superstition

Manmohan Singh Khushram, the district women and child development program director, attributed the child's demise to the mother's superstitious beliefs, specifically condemning the use of a hot iron rod.

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Alarming Pattern: Adivasis' Ritual Claims Lives

This incident is not isolated. Activists reveal that the Baiga adivasis in the village have consistently followed this dangerous practice, resulting in the deaths of four children in the past two months.

Urgent Call to Action

Activists urge immediate intervention by health department officials to raise awareness among the tribals, preventing further casualties. The community's adherence to this harmful ritual demands swift and comprehensive measures to safeguard the lives of innocent children.

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