"Stay fit or leave the job" - BMI test for Assam police

Assam Police intensifies fitness scrutiny: 2nd BMI test, job threats for unfit officers. Free medical aid offered. Debate sparks on extending similar tests to other state police. Share your perspective!
BMI test for Assam police
BMI test for Assam policeNS

In a bid to ensure the physical well-being of its officers, Assam Police has launched the second round of Body Mass Index (BMI) testing for 1,884 policemen classified as obese. Officers failing the fitness standards have been given a stern warning – either get fit or risk losing their jobs.

The BMI test, a measure of obesity based on height and weight, has become a crucial factor in assessing the overall health of police personnel. In the first round held in August, 97.53% of officers passed. Those with a BMI exceeding 30 were granted three months to improve.

The ongoing second round of testing, conducted in Guwahati, Silchar, and Jorhat, signifies a stricter approach. Officers failing this round will face potential job termination, with exemptions only for individuals with thyroid-like illnesses.

Assam Police is also providing free medical check-ups and facilities for officers identified as obese. The move reflects a commitment to not only enforce fitness standards but also support officers in achieving them.

The question arises: Is a similar BMI test necessary for police in other states of India? Share your thoughts


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