President Murmu's Parliament Address : Ram Temple to 1200 Crore UPI Surge

President Droupadi Murmu's monumental speech reveals India's accomplishments, spanning the historic Ram temple triumph to the groundbreaking 1200 crore UPI transactions. The Interim Budget Session heralds optimism for inclusive growth and development, firmly grounded on four robust pillars
President Draupadi Murmu
President Draupadi Murmu

In her inaugural address to the new Parliament building, President Droupadi Murmu emphasized the remarkable achievements that have propelled India's progress. Acknowledging the nation's rapid economic growth, President Murmu highlighted India's space achievements, including being the first country to reach the South Pole of the Moon.

New Parliament
New Parliament

Reflecting on the past year, President Murmu celebrated the realization of the century-old anticipation of the Ram temple and the historic abrogation of Article 370, ending Jammu and Kashmir's special status. Notably, she lauded the monumental achievement of 1200 crore UPI transactions, showcasing the digital revolution's impact.

President Murmu commended the government's commitment to inclusive growth, with a focus on youth power, women power, farmers, and the poor as the pillars of a developed India. She emphasized that the eradication of poverty on a large scale is a reality and acknowledged the government's efforts in providing free rations to 80% of households.

Highlighting the agriculture sector, President Murmu noted that Rs 18 lakh crore has been allocated as Minimum Support Price (MSP) to farmers, ensuring their welfare. The substantial decline in Naxal-related incidents was also recognized as a testament to the government's comprehensive approach.

President Draupadi Murmu
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President Draupadi Murmu
President Draupadi Murmu

The President underscored the government's commitment to empowering women, citing the presence of female fighter pilots as a notable achievement. As India looks toward a future of development, President Murmu expressed hope for meaningful discussions in the new Parliament building.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking before the session, echoed the sentiment of progress, anticipating an inclusive and constructive dialogue during the Interim Budget Session. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is set to present the interim budget, focusing on addressing the nation's economic priorities. As India awaits the full budget, the government remains dedicated to driving comprehensive growth and prosperity.

President Draupadi Murmu
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New Parliament
New Parliament


  • This marks my first address in the new Parliament building, symbolizing a commitment to uphold democratic and parliamentary traditions during the auspicious Amrita Kaal.

  • Last year showcased notable achievements, positioning India as the fastest-growing economy and the first country to reach the South Pole of the Moon.

  • Today's accomplishments extend from the practices of the last decade, contributing to witnessing the unprecedented eradication of poverty on a large scale.

  • The realization of the century-old aspiration for the Ram temple and the historic abrogation of Article 370 signify significant milestones.

  • India's achievement of 1200 crore UPI transactions demonstrates a remarkable stride in the digital landscape.

  • A substantial share of taxes has been directed towards the welfare of youth, women, farmers, and the poor, aligning with the government's vision for a developed India standing on four pillars: Youth Power, Women Power, Farmers, and the Poor.

  • 80% of households have received free rations, underlining the government's commitment to inclusive growth.

  • Farmers have received Rs 18 lakh crore under the 'Minimum Support Price (MSP)' scheme, ensuring a significant increase in their income.

  • Notably, there has been a substantial decline in Naxal-related incidents, reflecting the government's focused efforts on maintaining security.


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