UP Marriage Scheme Scam Exposed: Fake Weddings, Misused Funds, and Government Inquiry

A shocking scam has been exposed in Uttar Pradesh's marriage scheme, where officials allegedly organized fake weddings to claim government funds. The incident involved brides garlanding themselves, siblings posing as couples, and widespread misuse of funds. A journalist's video exposé has sparked outrage and a government inquiry.
Mass Marriage Scam
Mass Marriage Scam

In a shocking incident in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, the state's marriage scheme, announced by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, has fallen prey to a scam. The scheme promises brides a sum of Rs 51,000, but reports reveal a blatant misuse of the initiative. On January 25, a joint marriage event was organized for 568 women in the area, but what unfolded was a bizarre and fraudulent episode.


The organizers, faced with a shortage of eligible brides, resorted to bringing back women who were already married. The peculiar event saw many women standing alone on the ceremonial dais, receiving garlands meant for a groom, which they proceeded to wear themselves. The organizers reportedly enticed these women by promising financial incentives if they participated in the ritual. Some attendees were not even potential brides but had come merely to witness the wedding, drawn in by the lure of money.

Mass Marriage Scam
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The extent of the deception was such that some of the participating "married couples" turned out to be siblings, adding a layer of absurdity to the entire affair. Numerous women found themselves performing marriage ceremonies in isolation, without an actual groom present. It is alleged that some Muslim women, even while adhering to purdah (veil), attended the event, further complicating the fraudulent scenario.

Notably, only a handful of bridegrooms stood alongside their garlanded counterparts, and suspicions arose regarding the authenticity of their marriages. Reports suggest that these couples might have merely posed for photographs, with no actual marriage taking place. The organizers, in a calculated move, had planned to exploit these photographs as evidence to claim government funds allocated for the marriage scheme.

The revelation of this scam came to light when journalist Sachin Gupta captured the fake wedding on video and shared it on social media platforms, particularly on his X page. The video swiftly went viral, drawing widespread attention to the bizarre and deceptive nature of the event. In response to the public outcry and media exposure, the government promptly ordered an inquiry into the incident.

Mass Marriage Scam
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As a consequence, a case has been registered against nine individuals involved in the organization of this sham event, including government officials. The inquiry seeks to unravel the full extent of the scam, understanding how such a fraudulent activity was orchestrated, and who the key actors behind this elaborate deception are.

This incident not only sheds light on the unethical exploitation of a government scheme but also raises questions about the efficacy of monitoring mechanisms in place. The misuse of funds intended for the welfare of citizens underscores the need for stricter oversight and accountability to prevent such scams from tarnishing the credibility of public initiatives.


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