Karur : Free Biryani for Old Coins! Shop's Unique Offer Backfires, Leads to Road Closure

Imagine a biryani so good, you'd trade old coins for it! That's what R Rahman Dindigul Biryani in Karur promised, but their delicious dream turned into a traffic nightmare. Their coin-for-biryani offer attracted hordes of biryani lovers, creating gridlock on the national highway.
People gathered in front of the hotel
People gathered in front of the hotel C.Gopinath

In an unforeseen turn of events, a local biryani shop, R Rahman Dindigul Biryani, near Kulithalai Kadambarkovil in Karur district, faced a traffic nightmare as its unique coin exchange offer led to massive crowds and disrupted the Old Trichy-Karur National Highway.

Advertisement on Hotel Offer
Advertisement on Hotel Offer C.Gopinath

What happened?

The biryani shop announced a three-day food festival, enticing customers to exchange old 1, 2, 5, and 10 paise coins for a serving of free chicken biryani. The offer, intended to attract patrons, quickly turned into chaos as eager biryani enthusiasts flocked to the establishment.

The surge in crowds caused a major traffic jam, hindering motorists on the national highway. Concerned citizens reported the congestion to the Kulithalai police station. In response, the police discovered that the shop had failed to obtain proper permissions and implement adequate security measures for the promotion.

People gathered in front of the hotel
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Coins C.Gopinath

Shut Down

Taking swift action, the police temporarily shut down the biryani shop, dispersing the gathered crowds and putting an end to the chaotic scenes. Biryani lovers, who had been waiting since 9 am to exchange their old coins, expressed disappointment over the mismanagement of the coin-for-biryani offer.

This incident serves as a reminder of the unexpected consequences that can arise from seemingly innocuous promotional events, with the biryani shop now facing repercussions for the unanticipated traffic disruption.

People gathered in front of the hotel
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