Hyderabad's Extortion Queen: Woman with 17 Cases Arrested

Hyderabad police arrest Sultana, a notorious extortionist with 17 cases against her. She threatened a cab driver with false assault charges and was apprehended after tearing her own clothes. Sultana has a history of extorting money from motorists in similar incidents across the city.
Woman arrested
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In a shocking incident in Hyderabad, a 48-year-old woman, identified as Sumaiya Sultana, was arrested for posing as a passenger in a cab and attempting to extort money by falsely accusing the driver of sexual assault.


Serial Offender with 17 Cases

The Hyderabad police, acting on the complaint of the cab driver, discovered that Sultana has a criminal history with 17 cases registered against her across the city. Her modus operandi involved seeking rides, threatening motorists, and extorting money.

 Swift Police Response

The cab driver, Paramanand, promptly reported the incident to the Jubilee Hills police station. Inspector Ravindra Prasad, familiar with Sultana's criminal record, led the investigation, leading to her arrest. The police have charged her under Section 389 of the Indian Penal Code.

Woman arrested
Woman arrestedIllustration picture

Previous Arrests for Similar Offenses

Sultana had previously been arrested for similar offenses, highlighting a pattern of extortion attempts. The police acted swiftly to ensure the safety of the cab driver and curb Sultana's criminal activities.

Repeat Offender Faces Legal Consequences

With a history of 17 cases, Sumaiyah Sultana now faces legal consequences for her extortion attempts and false accusations. The arrest underscores the need for vigilance and quick police response to protect potential victims from such serial offenders.


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