Hemant Soren's Stealth: 1,300 Km Drive While ED Monitored Delhi Airport

Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren orchestrates a daring 1,300 km road journey, escaping ED scrutiny at Delhi Airport. A saga of intrigue unfolds as he evades toll cameras, outwits law enforcement, and reappears in Ranchi, sparking questions and controversies.
Hemant Soren
Hemant Soren

In a dramatic turn of events, the political landscape of Jharkhand was thrown into chaos as Chief Minister Hemant Soren mysteriously vanished amid an Enforcement Directorate (ED) money laundering probe. The second summons, scheduled for January 29, saw Soren conspicuously absent from his Delhi residence, triggering a 48-hour search, intense speculations, and a political blame game between his party, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM), and rivals, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The intrigue deepened with allegations of Soren preparing for arrest, fuelling suspicions that he orchestrated an elaborate escape to buy time and potentially name his wife, Kalpana Soren, as a puppet Chief Minister to retain power even after potential arrest. The discovery of ₹36 lakh in cash and a BMW luxury SUV added layers of complexity to the unfolding drama, as did BJP's 'missing' posters offering rewards, intensifying the political theatrics.

Soren's unexpected reappearance in Ranchi, nearly 1,300 km away, raised eyebrows and questions about his evasive tactics. The Chief Minister's absence during an ED search at his residence in Delhi led to criticism from JMM, terming it "uncalled for" and "unconstitutional." Kalpana Soren's presence at a party meeting sparked speculation about potential succession dynamics if Hemant Soren faces arrest.

Hemant Soren
Jharkhand CM "Missing": Soren Vanishes Amid ED Probe, Sparks Political Firestorm

As the political storm rages, the ED's investigation into an alleged land ownership change racket by the mafia in Jharkhand unfolds. The agency has arrested 14 individuals in connection with the case, adding a layer of criminality to the political drama. The ED's actions and the subsequent political reactions create a complex narrative, highlighting the intersection of power, law enforcement, and political maneuvering.

The controversy intensified with JMM's assertion that Soren had been in touch with the party throughout his absence, countering BJP's claims. BJP's 'missing' posters and the subsequent reward offer added a theatrical element to the unfolding drama, reminiscent of a political thriller.

The ED's search at Soren's residence in Delhi during his absence drew criticism from JMM, who deemed it an unwarranted intrusion. The agency's actions, coupled with the subsequent discovery of assets, further heightened tensions between political factions. The mystery surrounding Soren's disappearance and reappearance raises questions about the political climate in Jharkhand and the dynamics at play.

The controversy also brings to the forefront the ED's role and its perceived use by political opponents to target rivals. The intricacies of the ongoing investigation and the potential legal implications for Soren add layers to the unfolding drama, impacting Jharkhand's political landscape.

In the midst of the turmoil, the ED's probe into an alleged racket of illegal land ownership change by the mafia in Jharkhand takes center stage. The arrested individuals and the ED's actions contribute to a multifaceted narrative of political intrigue, power dynamics, and the unresolved mysteries surrounding Hemant Soren's mysterious disappearance during a critical phase of the investigation.


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