Dawood Ibrahim's Ancestral Properties Up for Auction in Maharashtra

Dawood Ibrahim's ancestral properties, including his childhood home, are set for auction in Maharashtra. Bidder Ajay Srivastava plans to convert the home into a school. Recent health rumors about Dawood were dismissed by his aide, emphasizing his fitness.
Dawood Ibrahim's Ancestral Properties Up for Auction in Maharashtra
Dawood Ibrahim's Ancestral Properties Up for Auction in MaharashtraFacebook

In a significant move, four properties linked to the notorious underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's family are slated for auction in Maharashtra. These properties, located in Mumbake village, Ratnagiri district, are being auctioned with a reserve price set at ₹19 lakh. Notably, among them is the childhood home of Dawood Ibrahim, where the infamous criminal spent his early years.

Historical Context of Dawood's Properties

Dawood Ibrahim's properties have been the subject of previous auctions, with the first such event taking place in 2000. Unfortunately, the auction faced a setback as no bidders were willing to participate, driven by fear of the notorious figure. Subsequent auctions occurred in 2017, featuring three luxurious properties in South Delhi, including a hotel. The government's action was carried out under the Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators Act, 1976.

Legal Expert's Bid for Dawood's Ancestral Home

Ajay Srivastava, a lawyer and member of the Shiv Sena, is anticipated to participate in the upcoming auction. Srivastava has a history of involvement in Dawood Ibrahim's property auctions and has previously bid for three of the criminal's assets, including his childhood home. Reports suggest that the Shiv Sena member is aiming to acquire the deed to Dawood's ancestral home to establish a Sanatan Pathshala (school) at the location.

Auction Details and Reserve Price

The auction for these properties is scheduled to take place in Mumbai, with the reserve price set at ₹19.22 lakh. The properties were seized by the government under the Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators Act, showcasing the continued efforts to divest Dawood Ibrahim's assets.

Health Speculations Surrounding Dawood Ibrahim

Recent speculation regarding Dawood Ibrahim's health emerged a few weeks ago, suggesting he had been hospitalized in Karachi after alleged poisoning through his food. However, these reports were not confirmed by Pakistani authorities, and his close aide, Chhota Shakeel, dismissed them as mere rumors. Shakeel asserted that Dawood Ibrahim was "1000 per cent fit" and refuted claims of his deteriorating health.

The auction, set against the backdrop of Dawood Ibrahim's checkered history, underscores ongoing efforts to address the criminal's assets within the legal framework.


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