Bangalore : Man Bites Cop's Hand During Helmet Stop, Faces Arrest

A two-wheeler rider who attacked a traffic police officer on Monday while he attempted to enforce traffic laws, has been taken into custody by Wilson Garden police. The accused is a 28-year-old BTM Layout resident named Syed Sai.
Bengaluru Traffic Incident
Bengaluru Traffic Incident

On social media, a Bengaluru-shot video is becoming popular.

In the video, a man can be seen biting the fingers of a traffic police.

Constable Siddarameshwara Kaujalagi on duty attempted to photograph a picture of the accused while he was riding his two-wheeler at the 10th Cross junction of Dr. Marigowda Road, since he was not wearing a helmet.

The accused allegedly got into an argument with the policeman after disagreeing to his taking his picture.

The Syed Sai took Mr. Kaujalagi's cell phone, verbally assaulted him, and even bit his hand. The accused was then taken into custody when the constable immediately requested assistance.

The rider got off the two-wheeler and shouted angrily at the head constable, "I'll remove the number plate separately if you want. Take as many photos as you need!" said sarcastically.

Syed Shafi was arrested immediately, and a criminal case has been filed against him.

Bengaluru Traffic Incident
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