Assam Boosts Local Agriculture by Naming 'Kaji Nemu' Lemon as State Fruit

Assam's Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, took to social media to announce the designation of 'Kaji Nemu' lemon as the state fruit, beginning a new era for local agriculture.
Kaji Nemu Lemon
Kaji Nemu Lemon

The tangy citrus lemon, or "Kaji Nemu," is native to the Indian state of Assam. Oval in shape, this lemon variety often has smooth, thin skin that is pale green in colour.

On Tuesday Assam’s declared this unique lemon variety as State Fruit.

Kaji Nemu Lemon
Kaji Nemu Lemon

Agriculture Minister Atul Bora announced in the state Assembly as per a decision of the Cabinet. "The Cabinet meeting yesterday has approved the 'Kaji Nemu' as the state fruit of Assam.

It is a laudable decision of our government," he said.

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Chief Minister of Assam, announced the news through his official X handle, which was once Twitter.

"Our Government has decided to declare Kaji Nemu (Citrus Limon) as the State Fruit of Assam. With its unique aroma and antioxidant properties, Assam lemon has enriched our local cuisines. With today's announcement, it is set to shine on the global fruit map, boosting self-dependency and production," he wrote.

Kaji Nemu Lemon
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Himanta Biswa Sarma Tweet
Himanta Biswa Sarma Tweet

The 'Kaji Nemu' lemon was awarded the Geographical Indication tag in 2019. The Assam government has now designated this fruit as the state fruit.

Primarily cultivated in Dibrugarh, Golaghat, Cachar, Chirang, Nalbari, and Dima Hasao districts of Assam, the lemon has seen significant growth in recent years.

"Assam has already begun lemon cultivation, spanning 15,000 hectares of land and yielding 1.58 metric tonnes," stated an official.

"Over the past two years, the fruit has been exported to various countries, including the Middle East."

Renowned for its unique aroma and antioxidant properties, Assam lemon has become a staple ingredient in local cuisine. With this recent declaration, it is poised to make its mark on the global fruit stage.

The Assam government in February, 2024 highlighting its benefits because of its culinary and medicinal qualities, kaji nemu is a highly valued fruit.

Its unique strong and sour flavour gives a zesty taste to many culinary creations. It is also reputed to have anti-inflammatory and digestive qualities. A typical part of traditional Assamese cooking is kaji nemu.

Kaji Nemu Lemon
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