Gobi Manchurian Faces Ban in Mapusa, Goa: This is why?

The article explores the history of Gobi Manchurian in Goa, uncovering the reasons behind the prohibition and its ramifications for the broader culinary landscape.
Gobi Manchurian
Gobi Manchurian

In line with a broader trend in Goa, the Mapusa Municipal Council has decided to ban Gobi Manchurian. The move comes as authorities across Goa have been addressing concerns over synthetic colors and hygiene related to the dish, prompting its prohibition in stalls and feasts in Mapusa.

Earlier Bans

During the Vasco Saptah festival in 2022 at the Shree Damodar temple, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) directed the Mormugao Municipal Council to restrict stalls selling Gobi Manchurian. FDA actions, including raids on such stalls, indicate a concerted effort to reduce the dish's popularity.

Gobi Manchurian
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Nelson Wang and the Birth of Manchurian:

Gobi Manchurian, the vegetarian alternative, traces its origins to Nelson Wang's creation of chicken Manchurian in the 1970s.

Wang, a Chinese culinary pioneer in Mumbai, introduced the dish at the Cricket Club of India, featuring deep-fried chicken nuggets in a spicy cornflour batter served dry or in a tangy gravy.

Gobi Manchurian
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This ban reflects the complex position of Gobi Manchurian, navigating between tradition and contemporary culinary preferences, as it becomes a focal point in Goa's evolving food landscape.


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