Doctor Vikatan: Holistic Healing Of Diarrhoea Caused By Eating Too Much Greens

Discover the reason behind your post-meal discomfort in this informative article. Let's get to the bottom of digestive distress as we find the causes and solutions to this phenomenon. From postprandial diarrhoea to irritable bowel syndrome, this article offers insights into a range of gastrointestinal issues from a medical expert.

A concerned reader has asked, "I am 54 years old, I like eating green foods. But in the past six months, when I eat drumstick leaves, I get a diarrhoea the next day. In the last two months, any spinach I eat, I suffer till the last bit of it get out of me. Why does it happen? Is there a solution?

Dr. Y Deepa, a doctor at the Government Yoga & Naturopathy College & Hospital, based in Chennai has given solutions to find the roots of your problem and remedial measures to carry forward from there.

Naturopathic doctor Y. Deepa
Naturopathic doctor Y. Deepa

What Causes Postprandial Diarrhoea?

This condition is called postprandial diarrhoea. Post meal, the nutrients you consumed will not stay and will get excreted from your body. This causes stomach pains and flatulence.

Stomach infections, excessive antibiotics consumption, stress and many other things can be the reasons for this. There is a condition called 'irritable bowel syndrome'. This is a condition that can cause the above symptoms while eating certain foods. The intestine expels certain foods without accepting them. People with irritable bowel syndrome have constipation for some days and diarrhoea for some days .The pain will feel like something is tying your stomach really tight.

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A Culprit in Digestive Distress

Not just drumsticks, all kinds of spinach contain antioxidants. It is rich in fibre, different vitamins and iron. Since it is rich in fibre it will cause diarrhoea when consumed in excess. Diarrhoea. When you have intolerance or allergies to certain foods, it will irritate your stomach and you body will try to excrete it immediately.

Heartburn can occur...
Heartburn can occur...

Navigating Food Intolerance with Nutrient-Rich Foods

Eating greens boosts immunity, it is good for your liver, skin and hair health. It is also good for eyesight. But, these foods can cause problems for those who have food intolerance. Drumstick leaves have the ability to cure constipation. Excessive consumption of it can cause diarrhoea and heartburn and bloating. Regurgitation and gag reflux may occur.

Holistic Healing

Some people may have blood-related problems, bleeding gums. Uncontrollable bleeding for small injuries, low number of blood platelets. If you eat drumstick leaves while taking medication for the above problems it can create stomach issues. Many studies have shown that there is a close connection between our brain and the gut.  Therefore, acupuncture therapy can also be done to rectify the problem of irritable bowel syndrome. Yoga and meditation can be taken up to relieve stress. Yoga and naturopathy have excellent treatments to fix this problem. 

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Yoga, meditation can be done...
Yoga, meditation can be done...Pixabay

The intestine needs to be cleansed with an enema. When you already have diarrhoea, the question may arise whether enema treatment is necessary. This problem should start with detoxification therapy. Depending on the severity of the condition, other treatments such as mud therapy and steam baths may be recommended. The basis is to correct the cause of the disease. If you approach government yoga and naturopathic doctors , they will give proper advice and guidance.

Try to remain hydrated. Tender coconut water and buttermilk can be taken to restore hydration.

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