Doctor Vikatan : Overcoming Postpartum Urinary Incontinence - Expert Advice for Mothers

Struggling with postpartum urinary leakage? Dr. Nivedita advises on effective treatments, from exercises to minor surgery, providing relief and restoring confidence. Expert solutions for mothers' well-being. #WomensHealth #UrinaryIncontinence
The urine that drenches the dress...
The urine that drenches the dress...

V. Selvi, a 36-year-old mother of two, shared her distress with Dr. Vikatan about experiencing urinary leakage since giving birth through vaginal deliveries six and three years ago. The issue intensifies during climate changes and dust allergies, causing embarrassment whenever she sneezes.

Dr. Nivedita, a Chennai-based urologist specializing in women's health, addressed Selvi's concerns about postpartum urinary incontinence, specifically stress urinary incontinence. This condition leads to urine leakage during activities like sneezing, coughing, laughing, climbing stairs, or walking briskly.

 Dr Nivedita
Dr Nivedita

While some may consider this a common problem post-vaginal delivery, Dr. Nivedita emphasizes the availability of modern medical treatments. She advises visiting a gynecologist to confirm whether it's stress urinary incontinence or another type called urge incontinence.

The first step is ruling out a urinary tract infection, and if present, treating it can resolve the issue. For confirmed stress urinary incontinence, the doctor suggests specific exercises that can be done at home, eliminating the need for hospital visits. Medications and tablets may also be prescribed to aid improvement.

Stress urinary incontinence?  Urge incontinence?
Stress urinary incontinence? Urge incontinence?

In cases where conservative treatments don't suffice, Dr. Nivedita reassures that a minor surgery, conducted through the genital tract, can correct the issue. The procedure involves fitting a tape inside and sewing it with a net. She encourages seeking the right medical advice to explore simple treatments and regain confidence without resorting to diapers and unnecessary embarrassment.


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