Bodybuilder, 34, Passes Away While Waiting for Kidney Transplant

The bodybuilding community is in mourning over the unexpected death of 34-year-old Brazilian bodybuilder, Cristhian Annes. In a shocking turn of events, just two months after being placed on the kidney transplant waiting list, he unexpectedly passed away, leaving a void in the hearts of his admirers and followers.
Fitness Coach Cristhian Annes
Fitness Coach Cristhian AnnesInstagram

Annes, hailing from Ponta Grossa, Brazil, left a lasting impression on the bodybuilding community.

As a gym trainer and personal training coach, Annes gained fame by creating remarkable workouts for his clients. With more than 42.7k Instagram followers, he flaunted his amazing physique and kept his fans informed about his training routines. He was also a fitness model.

A Lifelong Challenge: Single Kidney at Birth

He began facing a difficult battle due to his single kidney at birth.

In 2022, the hard truth hit him – his only kidney was failing. Annes found himself on the transplant list as issues developed, wishing for a second chance at life. Two months prior, he was added to a transplant waiting list, but 69 individuals were listed ahead of him.

The Early Passing of Cristhian Annes:

The news of Annes’ passing reverberated across social media. Generation Iron a popular fitness account posted on social media, “We are sad to report the passing of Brazilian bodybuilder Cristhian Annes, just two months after being put on the list for a kidney transplant. RIP, Cristhian.”

Wanna Teixeira, his partner, expressed her sorrow and disclosed that Annes had chosen to keep quiet about his difficulties, revealing them only when there was a chance for a transplant to occur.

A dark chapter began on January 20th when Annes was brought to the hospital. Just two weeks later, after waiting for a replacement kidney, he passed away on Monday, February 5. He lost the intense struggle despite the heroic efforts of medical personnel and the relentless support of his loved ones.

Fitness Coach Cristhian Annes
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The Bodybuilding World is Completely Stunned

The Brazilian bodybuilder helped people on their journeys to wellness as a coach and mentor, in addition to being a bodybuilder. His participation in numerous bodybuilding competitions throughout Brazil and his accomplishments as a fitness model were definitive proof of his dedication to the field.

Kidney Health Awareness

Kidney health is crucial for overall well-being, filtering waste, regulating blood pressure, producing hormones, and balancing electrolytes. However, kidney diseases are prevalent and can lead to serious health complications.

One of the key aspects of kidney health awareness is understanding the risk factors associated with kidney disease. People can prevent kidney damage and live longer, healthier lives by being aware of the risk factors. They can implementing healthy lifestyle practices, and check up for screening routines.

Fitness Coach Cristhian Annes
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