Time is Money: Delaying Retirement Savings Costs You Millions (Literally!)

Time is your most valuable asset when it comes to retirement savings. This article reveals the eye-opening consequences of procrastinating your investments. Start small, start early, and secure your financial future.
Retirement planning...
Retirement planning...

Let's consider a retirement corpus of Rs. 1 crore. Assuming retirement at 60 and starting investment at 28 with an expected annual return of 12% (through equity-linked Mutual Funds), the required monthly investment is Rs. 2,225. Over 32 years, an investment of Rs. 8.5 lakh accumulates to Rs. 1 crore. Now, let's examine the consequences of starting 10 years later.

Retirement; How much money do you need?
Retirement; How much money do you need?

The Impact of Delay

Beginning investment at 38 necessitates a monthly investment of Rs. 10,010 for 22 years to reach Rs. 1 crore by age 60. With a 10-year delay, the investment amount increases almost 4.5 times, totaling Rs. 26.4 lakh. Compensating for lost time becomes challenging, as illustrated below.

Retirement planning...
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Investing in Youth: Maximizing Corpus Funds

Starting at 25 with a monthly investment of Rs. 5,000 for 35 years yields a corpus of Rs. 3.2 crore at age 60, with a total investment of Rs. 21 lakh. Conversely, initiating investment at 45 with Rs. 20,000 monthly for 15 years results in a corpus of Rs. 1 crore, with a total investment of Rs. 36 lakh.

Despite investing four times more, the corpus fund is significantly lower due to the shorter investment period. Starting early with a modest investment is advisable for higher returns.

Retirement planning...
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Therefore, initiating investment early is crucial. It not only requires lower investment amounts but also leads to higher corpus funds.

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