Bharti Airtel's share surged by 4% - Can the momentum sustain? Insights from experts

Uncover the factors driving Bharti Airtel's stock surge by 4%, fueled by its strong December quarter performance. Delve into the company's financial highlights, including net profit growth, revenue surge, and Arpu ratio analysis. Gain insights from brokerage firms and technical indicators to understand the future trajectory of Airtel's shares.

Bharti Airtel witnessed a remarkable 4% surge in early trading on February 6, following the release of its robust December quarter report.

Share Price Performance:

As of now, Bharti Airtel shares are trading at Rs 1142.40, hovering near its 52-week high of Rs 1200.65. With a low of Rs 735.80, the stock has shown a significant upward trend, prompting investors to question whether this uptrend will persist.

Quarterly Results:


The company reported a consolidated net profit of Rs 2,442.2 crore for the third quarter, marking a remarkable 54% growth compared to the previous year. Revenue surged to Rs 37,900 crore, a 6% increase from the year-ago period, surpassing analysts' expectations.

Arpu Ratio:

Bharti Airtel's Arpu ratio has climbed to Rs 208 from Rs 193, exceeding expectations and indicating positive growth prospects. With a strong focus on adding more valuable customers, Airtel aims to bolster its customer base and sustain growth.

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Customer Base:

Airtel | Sunil Mittal
Airtel | Sunil Mittal

Airtel boasts 48.3 million subscribers, with a robust market share in the 4G and 5G customer base, totaling 28.2 million subscribers, reflecting a 13% increase from last year.

Brokerage Firm Predictions:

Morgan Stanley has lauded Bharti Airtel's performance in the Indian telecom market, particularly its mobile-based business, which has seen exponential growth and positively impacted margins. Despite a mixed quarterly report, the brokerage firm has assigned an equal weight rating to Airtel's stock, with a target price of Rs 1,015.

Technical Analysis:

While Bharti Airtel's stock has shown a temporary upward trend, technical analysis suggests potential profit booking, especially with daily and weekly candle patterns indicating a decline. Investors should consider buying on a long-term basis if the share price experiences a downturn, as recommended by experts.

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